Racing is a type of speed test of horses, resulting in a conclusion about further breeding suitability. Traditionally, races are held at hippodromes, where cash bets are made on their outcome through a parimutuel system.

The discipline has a long and distinguished history and is practiced worldwide. Historians note the first races took place in ancient Greece and then in Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. The sport has always played an important role in myths and legends, such as the fight between the stallions of the god Odin and the giant hrungnir (giant) in Norse mythology.

Horse racing was among the most famous ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sports. At the ancient Greek Olympiad of 648 BC. equestrian sports competitions were the main events. However, races on such wagons were perilous for drivers and nags since many died from frequent injuries.

In the Roman Empire, such tournament was an essential part of life, around which workers who were considered representatives of the primary industry worked. From the middle of the 15th century, an indoor racing carnival was held in Rome.

In later periods, the discipline became and still remains a popular sport among the aristocrats and royal families of Britain, even receiving the title «Sport of Kings».

Now only a tiny percentage of people watch such events purely out of love with it. Most spectators are fans of excitement: in just 40-300 seconds, it is decided who finishes first. On the other hand, there is a higher chance of making a successful parlay if you study the latest results of the animal and rider.

Why is betting profitable?

Online sports wagering has come a long way in the last few decades. One could even say the online sports gambling, in general, has taken the world by storm.

Online betting is convenient

Today, people spend more hours on the computer than ever before. Taking a break in the middle of the day to place a few parlays is an extremely attractive option. Bookmaking companies have made online wagering available to individuals worldwide, allowing them to play whenever they want.

New players feel welcome

A real-life bookmaker’s office may be a very intimidating place to walk around. The online community has solved the problem by welcoming new players with open arms and offering all sorts of support and assistance to those who are just starting out. Would you like to learn more about gambling on horse racing? There are all sorts of live web chats and customer service representatives to help if you need help.

There are endless options

Many online betting sites open the whole world of sports to people without asking them to leave the house. Specialized sites have a massive list of options you’ll never find in real offices.

There are all kinds of prize promotions and bonuses

Online casinos and specialized sites regularly offer fun promotions, bonuses, or other incentives to keep players interested. In some cases, you can even accumulate Loyalty Points or have the opportunity to participate in leaderboard races and win cash prizes or other rewards.

People now expect these little perks, and the online sports gambling industry happily agrees. Some people consider gambling as something illegal but it’s a quite false statement. The majority of known offices are legal, have international certificates, and are allowed by national jurisdictions.

You have access to a vastly expanded betting market

Perhaps the most exciting thing about online sports wagering is that it gives you access to an almost unlimited number of markets. The Internet, no longer limited by traditional barriers, gives players access to numerous domestic and international markets.

Such a diversity allows all sorts of creative maneuvers regarding winning big and opening up new opportunities. There are now plenty of team and player offerings and live markets just waiting to be explored.

Special features of betting on horse racing

The main business of the hippodromes, on which the horse racing industry is based, is sweepstakes.

Wagers in bookmakers differ from sweepstakes in several ways. First, they provide various odds. Here, the winnings depend on how much the person bets. The main difference between the sweepstakes is that it is impossible to know in advance what your winnings will be since it is impossible to know in advance the total number of players and parlays on a particular result.

In addition, the player does not competes against the bookie but a real opponent/s. Thus, the tote owner does not lose anything since they take only a percentage of the parlay. In this case, only the one who made a bet can lose.

How to gamble on the hippodrome: here, the player chooses the type of parlay, makes a deposit, and you have only to wait for the result in the stands.

Randomizer is a conditional opponent of playing the totalizator. In fact, it is an international network of equestrian sports wagering shops where they earn money on equestrian sports competitions. These points broadcast all the competitions taking place at the moment.

According to its purpose, it is an alternative to the hippodrome (which is not available in every city). The player is offered a schedule of races on which they are able to put money.

To date, there are several types of equestrian sports competition:

  1. The first is flat when stallions gallop between two points along a straight or oval path;
  2. In jump racing, stallions overcome obstacles;
  3. Tournament on special tracks — stallions trot or walk with a driver in a harness!

There are also endurance races where stallions travel over a long area at extreme distances from 40 to 161 km.

Types of bets

Where can you place parlays on equestrian sport? Let’s name the main types of race wagers.

  • Win. It is the most popular option. The point is to guess who’ll come to the finish line first. Moreover, you can find the so-called «insurance bet», that is, a stake with insurance. With it, if the stud you have chosen comes 2-3, the amount of the parlay, or part of it, will be returned.
  • Each-way. You are able to place funds on the prize place, it is called «each-way», or just e / w. The point is to guess that the stud, even if it doesn’t win, will eventually finish the race in the prize position. But it is worth remembering: when you want to put money on each-way, you should remember that you’ll need to double your parlay. That is, having laid out $ 200, in fact, half goes to the wager on the victory of the selected stallion, and half, at the same time, to the prize. The victory will bring the prescribed winnings, and the arrival of the selected stallion among the winners will allow you to get only 1/5, a maximum of 1/4 of the base amount (it depends on what conditions the bookie has set). Because of these nuances, experts advise using each-way only when there is a good chance a stallion will win (or at least come in the medals), whose success is estimated at odds of 8.0 or higher.
  • Forecast. Many players use forecasts. Such is a parlay implying the fact the selected stallions will come 1-2 in one competition. There are 2 options here: «straight» forecast, when the player gives only 1 option, and «combined» (reverse) forecast when they put money that the studs will come to 1-2 positions in any order. But here, as with each-way, the amount of the parlay is actually doubled. As a rule, forecast is used when the favorite is given very low odds, below 1.2. There is also a more difficult option, «tricast», but now there are 6 finish options, and the total amount of the parlay grows accordingly.
  • Head-to-head. It is referred to as a «match bet» or «head-to-head». It does not matter who wins the race – the main thing is the one stud you have chosen overtakes the other one you indicated. That is, it all comes down to a 1v1 duel — it is much easier to analyze and understand who is stronger here.

Horse racing betting strategies

The hippodrome offers fixed gambling options used in local and international equestrian competitions. These can be parlays only on the winning pair, on the stud that will come first, second, third, or fourth. There are also multi-bets. They offer a combination of several contests.

They allow you to mix indicators, that is, victory, places in the races, and other criteria. This is if we are talking about sweepstakes.
To make money on the discipline, you must definitely follow a strategy. We present the most useful and common of them.

Strategy #1: Recent Winners Strategy

You need to check the latest results of the participants in the contests you plan to gamble on and choose your favorites from among the winners. The bottom line is that if a stud wins, it will be a strong contender in the future. It is important to remember the fact bookmakers put lower odds on a recent winner.

Strategy #2 Stallion-Jockey Partnership Strategy

You need to find a stallion, which has taken second place in previous races and will compete with the same jockey in the competition on which you plan to place a parlay. The theory behind the strategy is the fact the jockey will now understand the animal more, know its strengths and weaknesses, and be able to adapt it faster, likely leading to victory.

Strategy #3: Put money on the underdog

Here you need to choose the stud that was among the outsiders in the last races (or two), but which had previously shown good results. The logic behind such a strategy is that since the stud has lost earlier, it can be ignored by the bookies. Therefore, there is a chance to win good money, both in standard offices and in the sweepstakes.

Where to bet on horse racing?

In fact, horse racing is the oldest entertainment on which rates are accepted. They can hardly be called purely sports, but at the same time, such stakes, especially in the UK and the Commonwealth states (including India), do not lose popularity.

Not everywhere you are able to place parlays on the discipline, but this technical issue can be overcome.

Let’s consider the major offices, where you can place money on equestrian sports and be sure of the transparency!



Parimatch has been known on the market since 1994. The Parimatch website was rebranded in 2011. The main page is quite informative and is divided into several functional blocks. Parimatch offers several bonuses: a welcome registration bonus and the first Freebet deposit. Good support and 24/7 online chat. High safety and reliability.



This is a relatively new bookmaker. Due to its young age, some functions are limited but if you care about the diversity and functionality of the bookie, you’ll love this office. 24/7 customer support.
Many currencies are available. Offers esports options. Large variety of games.



Betwinner has appeared on the market relatively recently. This is not just a bookie, the company offers a full range of gambling and online slots. These are the reasons why people like the company.
Maintains over forty language versions on its online resource. Has mobile iOS and Android applications. Offers its new customers up to 130 euros per account.


Royal Panda

Royal Panda is an online casino offering its customers sports betting as well. The activity of the bookmaker is regulated by licenses from Malta and the United Kingdom. Clear graphics and easy navigation. Lots of live options. Good casino with a variety of online games.



ComeOn was founded in 2009. Registered in Malta, it operates under a local license, as well as a license from the island of Curacao. Mobile version of the site and application. A wide bonus policy.


Bookmakers and equestrian sports are interconnected. This business originated in the UK two millennia later. In 1790, William Ogden began taking stakes in equestrian sports competitions. He pre-set the ratio between the size of the wager and the winnings for each animal. In 1850, Leviathan Davis and Fred Swindell opened the first bookmaker’s office.

Sports wagering is the most popular form of gambling and it is also a quite reliable and secure method of making money. According to the portal Statista, every second resident of the United States over the age of 18 has put money on sports at least once.

Betting involves depositing and withdrawing funds, even in bitcoins. The work of legal bookies is regulated by law, so the company has the right to demand the player’s personal data. Verification is the check of the authenticity of the player’s documents. It solves several problems:

  • protection of the system from fraudsters;
  • allows you to verify the age of the player;
  • allows you to make transactions with your account!

Verification is a convenient practice in terms of allowing you to work with money transactions through the site. Legal offices ensure the security of the personal data of their customers.

Betting apps

Betting has always existed and will always exist. People compete with each other, and the audience is trying to make predictions on the course of the fight or contest. Nowadays it is an integral part of the industry.

Nevertheless, wagering follows global trends and is being improved. Using the latest achievements in science and technology, bookmakers, of course, are trying to improve their service, make it more accessible, offer bonuses, and create loyalty programs.

Once upon a time, stakes were made in offline offices, then special sites appeared, and now you are able to place stakes in betting applications! Now many offices are developing own mobile applications so that customers can comfortably place stakes from anywhere where there is access to the network.

Applications running on iOS and Android mobile platforms are handy both for novice bettors and people with experience. They provide great opportunities and greatly simplify the process of wagering. Applications are good both individually and in joint use.

How to make bets on horse racing?

By registering on the bookmaker’s website, people pursue different goals. First of all, define your requirements and decide what you will wager on. It can be entertaining to make watching matches more interesting.

In this case, it is enough just to invest any amount you do not mind losing, and enjoy your favorite sport. In the case of horse racing, having such a hobby is even more interesting, because you can go to the racetrack, place a rate and enjoy the event.

If you set a goal to make money, then go ahead. Do not gamble based on offices’ quotes. Be honest with yourself. Put money on the matches you have analyzed. Record all transactions. Allocate only those funds, the loss of which will not affect your well-being.

By adhering to these and other rules, which we will analyze in detail below, you may learn how to place stakes correctly and earn consistently.
Register on the bookmaker’s website and make the «trial stake».

To register and wager on the beloved discipline, do the following:

  1. Authorize;
  2. Go to the appropriate section (Live, Upcoming matches, Virtual sports);
  3. Go to the equestrian competitions, view the list of events;
  4. Click on the event you are interested in to open all markets;
  5. Click on the coefficient of the desired result;
  6. Specify the sum in the coupon;
  7. Click on the «Make a bet» button!



Choose a narrow specialization

Focus on one thing. First, select a sport, and then a few tournaments. If you are fond of equestrian discipline, do not scatter your strength and energy on exotic disciplines and unknown championships. You need to know more about the upcoming event than the analysts of the office. Analyze the odds, riders, and stallions as well.

In addition to stallions, other participants play a decisive role in the race. F.e., jockey (rider), trainer (person who is responsible for selecting and training animals), and starter (person who prepares stallions and riders and helps them start the contest correctly).

The bookmaker is not able to carefully follow every sport and every league. As a rule, the company has competitions that are added to the line in order to expand it, and not to earn money. When you follow an unpopular championship on a long-term period, you know more about it than the office. Watch every event, study the news and find insider information.

Manage risks

Bookmakers continue to work because they earn. People do not control risks and do not understand the obvious – you can win many times, but lose only once. Assess the risk of losing the game bank. In essence, this means you cannot bet more than your savings allow.

It’s cool to risk and earn a lot, but next time you’ll be unlucky and your balance will be reset to zero.

If the probability of passing the rate is high, take more. And vice versa. Focus not just on the odds, but on the chances of a particular outcome. For example, when the probability is 75% – invest 5% of the bank, and when 45% — then 3% of the bankroll.

Also, make the same rates. No need to make one deal a day, and then put money on everything. Choose the optimal number of trades so that you have enough time to analyze each outcome.

Bonuses and promotions

Many betting companies use various bonuses and promotions. Such loyalty programs are an opportunity to get a profitable promotion. Offices, in turn, use such programs to increase their client base in order to attract the attention of users.

Most of the bookmaker’s loyalty programs work according to the standard scheme: the client of the office receives bonus points for deposits and placing parlays. The more active the player, the more points are credited to the account. The points you earn can be redeemed for various benefits:

  • free wagers in free disciplines gambling;
  • cashback;
  • coupons;
  • insurance;
  • money on the main balance;
  • funds to the bonus account!

Bookmaker loyalty programs can also work with ratings. It determines the number of points the player receives for activity and success. The higher the rank of the bookmaker’s client, the more profitable the rate of accrual and exchange of points for gifts.

Despite the huge popularity of this type of wagering in the past, nowadays not all bookmakers have horse racing in the line of events. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find a bookmaker with wagers on such an ancient discipline, with a wide range of events and a live line, which accepts stakes on stallions online on favorable terms, if desired.

The following bookmakers offer cool bonuses: Parimatch, Betobet, Betwinner, Royal Panda, and ComeOn.

Is it worth choosing horse racing for bets?

Many years, betting shops operated on the hippodromes, accepting stakes in racing. Today, wagering on this discipline also has a lot of adherents. And with the development of Internet technologies, a convenient opportunity has appeared to place funds on competitions online and watch the progress of the contests on the broadcast.

Some individuals lose their money without any strategy. Many of them lose consciously, because they don’t want to analyze competitions for hours, study the news and read analytical articles.

They put money mindlessly: some people look for the chance to hit the jackpot and others are fond of the adrenaline of watching competitions. Some try to win, but have no way to control emotions and, succumbing to the excitement, forget about financial strategy and lose money.

Do not chase instant profit — gradually improve, achieve a constant income and gradually increase it.


Equestrian discipline competition of all types developed from impromptu competitions between riders. Various forms of competition requiring specific skills from animals and riders led to the systematic development of specialized breeds and equipment for each sport.

The popularity of equestrianism over the centuries has led to the persistence of skills that would otherwise disappear once horses were no longer used in combat.

According to the rules, this event is held several days, on each of which spectators observe a certain number of contests, lasting approximately 2 minutes. Between races, there is a break during which you can lay funds or have a snack.

Participants enter the field 10 minutes before the contest. The animals are led out so that all spectators can see them, after which the animals are taken to the starting box, a platform on wheels having up to twenty separate booths.

In them, stallions with riders are waiting for a signal shot. After the starting signal, the doors of the boxes open and the horses run over the entire length of the distance.

Horse competition is a sport in which rates are made according to a special system. Here, the winner is the one who reaches the finish line first.

Such contests differ from team games also by the fact there are not 2 rivals competing here, but much more, so for racing, rates can be placed on many outcomes.

The odds are traditionally high, but keep in mind the fact they change dynamically, and it is important to choose the right moment to place the most profitable wager. At hippodromes, there are such types of odds for competitions:

  • AR — for long-term provisional rates;
  • EP — early coefficients, set after the approval of the list of participants (1-2 days before the start of the competition), they are valid until the stallions are taken to the courtyard of the hippodrome;
  • EP — board coefficients, are valid from the moment the stallions are taken out to the courtyard and until the start of the contest;
  • SP starting, offered at the start of the race!

Some major bookmakers offer favorable conditions for players: if wagers on competition were made at an early or board odds, and the starting odds turned out to be higher, in case of a win, it is guaranteed to be paid out at the starting odds (best odds guaranteed).

Of course, the most interesting stories related to betting on races are the stories about winnings. And in the case of sweepstakes, there are really a lot of them, because a player never knows for sure how much a victory brings him.

So, not so long ago, a resident of Kentucky made a wager of $18 and won $1.2 million. However, in addition to luck, her experience in the discipline also took place here.

The woman counted the options and made a «bet on five» in the sweepstakes. As a result, one of the animals she chose came to the finish line first, which turned out to be a huge success.

Another similar story happened to a Briton who won £450,000 with a bet of just £2. This time it was about a bet on seven contests, one of which brought victory at the finish line.

What is in the first, what is in the second case, it is important to understand: like in any other sport, you need to understand equestrianism and be interested in the news and successes of specific stallions and jockeys.

And especially in such an exotic discipline, this can guarantee success.