The first thing new bettors want to know is if they can make money from thoroughbred race betting or if it is rigged? ​​Thoroughbred betting is profitable if you develop a system and perform detailed research. In this article, we are going to show you how to study thoroughbred racing so you are able to make profitable wagers!

Jockeys and Trainers

The first thing you need to consider before betting on horse events is the jockeys and trainers. Prior to making a bet make sure you study which stables are consistently producing winning horses. You also need to analyze which jockeys have been selected to ride particular horses. For example, if a trainer chooses their number 1 jockey to ride a horse it means they believe this animal has a great chance of winning.
Jockeys can also give you great insights into how a horse is likely to play out. While most jockeys will tell the media they believe their animal is a strong contender you should look for signs such as a high-level jockey continuing to ride the same animal when they have other options. Also, top jockeys at large stables are able to select which horses they ride and if they are always riding a particular horse you can be pretty sure they have great faith in that animal’s ability to win.
An interesting aspect of professional jockeys is that many will race multiple times in a day and even travel to a number of different racetracks. If a jockey is traveling a long distance to go race in an evening event after already competing multiple times earlier in the day then that is another strong sign that the jockey believes their horse has a great shot at winning.
If you look out for key signs from trainers and jockeys you can greatly increase your betting win percentage. Remember to check if a trainer has selected a top jockey to ride a particular horse and also check whether that jockey has ridden that animal on a previous occasion.

Trial and Previous Form

The best prediction indicator of a horse race is previous results. The animals that have won previous races and are looking strong in warm-ups are likely to continue their form and keep winning. While animals that have previously struggled are unlikely to miraculously start winning without showing at least some signs of improvement.
Even if a horse does not have results you can get a good indication of its talent by looking at the particular stable it comes from. A stable that is famous for producing champions is unlikely to send out a horse with no shot at winning. Other good indicators include studying a horse’s relatives if they have a champion brother or father they are likely to follow in their relatives’ footsteps. However, it is always much riskier betting on an animal that doesn’t have a track record compared to an animal that has competed in multiple big-time events.
When analyzing the form of a racehorse you shouldn’t just look at the number of wins and losses. You need to perform a deep dive and look at the particular race they competed in, who they defeated and how their condition looked. Ideally, you want to find a breed that has performed consistently well against the high-level competition and is making improvements in each event. Remember to be careful betting on thoroughbreds that have won a race out of nowhere as it is unlikely they are going to be able to replicate this outlier performance.
When checking a form guide for a race seasoned bettors always look at the particular events an animal has competed in. The animals that have won small local races may be overhyped as they have never faced any real competition. While horses that have placed in tough races but never won anything may be overlooked if they are competing in a small event.
To start making winning wagers remember to always check out the previous racing results and really analyze these results by looking at the particular events, the competition, and how the thoroughbred looked.

Conditions and Track Formation

The weather is a critical factor in thoroughbred racing betting and plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome of an event. Prior to placing a wager, you should always research the current track conditions. You can always find the conditions of the race track by searching the course name and reading race day commentary.
There are breeds that do extremely well in soft and wet conditions and are super red hot favorites when it starts raining. In contrast, there are thoroughbreds who are extremely quick when the course is hard and try. You should stick to animals that have previously won in the current weather conditions. We also like to bet on lighter ones when the ground is wet as they typically have better endurance and don’t get stuck in the mud like their heavier counterparts.
It isn’t just the weather you need to be worried about when betting, you should also pay attention to the course design. You should analyze the track’s length, the straights, and the bends. Some breeds are better over shorter distances while others excel with tight bends and long straights. It is important you research the track design and know-how each animal is likely to perform.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Betting

Thoroughbred racing betting can be an incredibly profitable pursuit and there are hundreds of thousands of professional bettors from around the world. These pros all have one thing in common, a system! If you follow our tips you can start making winning bets too. All you need to do is sign up to a sportsbook, analyze a race using our criteria and place some bets!

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