Why betting on Bangalore horse racing is so popular in India?

Equine, races, and horse betting were introduced to India by the English. Equines hardly existed on Indian soil before English colonization.

The most vital and valuable race in India is the Indian Derby, which has been held in Mumbai every year since 1943 on first Sunday in February. This classic is regularly attended by some of the best jockeys in the world.

On the international stage, Indian gallops are rarely heard of, which is also due to the strict quarantine regulations in India. Mystical managed to win 2 races at the Dubai Carnival in 2007. But India’s well-known race equine is the stallion Elusive Pimpernel, who went undefeated in 22 out of 23 races, including the 1995 Indian Derby.

Betting on India is almost as popular as in England and other Commonwealth states.

Horse racing and gambling go hand in hand

Races were held even in the ancient world. As early as the middle of the fifth millennium BC, the nomadic tribes of Central Asia began to hold competitions on horseback. Over time, such jumps became the entertainment of the ruling persons and their entourage.

Nowadays, horse racing is a sports game of chance, which is conducted on legal grounds in many states. Americans love this popular sport very much. Jumps are also popular in other countries: Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, countries of the Middle East,t and South America. Thoroughbred horses take part in such races. There are also horse-drawn races.

What is the Bangalore horse race?

As a former British colony, India has a long tradition of equine racing. The first racetrack is said to have been built in Madras as early as 1777. Most of the country’s racetracks were constructed in colonial times and are still real sights with their well-preserved buildings.

Equine relays are held almost daily throughout the country the year. Since entry to the races is relatively low, they are usually held in front of a crowded crowd. The country’s seven largest all-flat tracks are in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mysore, and Pune. Bangalore racecourse in Bangalore is the most crucial racecourse in India, the most prestigious relays in the country are run here.

Bangalore horse race results in 2022

The last relay of the 2022 season was held on the 18th of August. The winner among 4-year-old equines at the 6ft distance became The Omega Man with jockey Nayak B. The winner among 3-year-old equines at the 6ft distance became Splendido with jockey Sandesh A.

The winner among 3-year-old equines at the 7ft distance became Tranquilo with jockey John S. The winner among 4-year-old equines at the 5ft distance became Mark One with jockey Saqlain S. The winner among 3-year-old equines at the 6ft distance became Super Ruffian with jockey John S.

The results of all Bangalore races can be seen in the table below.

Distance Winning Horse Jockey Age of horse
6ft The Omega Man Nayak. B 4
5ft Benediction G.V 7
6ft Splendido Sandesh. A. 3
6ft Peyo Narredu S. 4
6ft Kulsum Trevor P. 3
7ft Tranquilo John S. 3
5ft Mark One Saqlain S. 4
6 Super Ruffian John S. 4


The results of all Bangalore races in the 2021 season can be seen in the table below.

Distance Winning Horse Jockey Age of horse
6ft Allabouther Raj A. 4
7ft Stockbridge Raj A. 3
6ft Moon`s Blessing Kumar A. 3
5ft Watchmystar Chouhan P.S. 4
6ft Almanach H.A. 4
5ft Marco Polo H. A 6
5ft De Villiers Chouhan P.S. 3
5ft Gazebo Talk Shareef S. 5


Bangalore horse race schedule for 2022-2023 season

So far, there are no exact dates, on which new relays in Bangalore will be held in the 2023 season. But there is no reason to be sad about that. The midseason period is a good time to rewatch old relays and improve your skills of analysis to be better at betting on the Bangalore races in the new season.

It is difficult to independently analyze each relay with more than ten participants. To increase the chances of profit when placing bets on a Bangalore relay, read specialized editions of the countries where tournaments are held or bookmaker sites that always offer statistics.

Today they are available online. Such publications often give advice and analytical forecasts to well-known specialists. Using them increases the chances that you will be in the plus.

Tips to choose gambling sites to bet on Bangalore horse race

Going in search of a bookmaker for betting, you need to clarify the status of betting in your country. It is best to give preference to legal bookies that work within the framework of local legislation. Betting with offshore bookies comes with certain risks. This does not apply to the reliability of the bookmaker, as they often work in this area longer than legal bookies.

An important indicator of the correct choice of a bookie is the number of sporting events that players can gamble on – the larger this indicator, the better the player’s choice.

As a rule, gambles on popular types of sporting events can be made at almost any bookmaker’s office, so be sure to take into account the possible list of bets (a list of all bets) on specific sporting events and the odds offered by bookmakers – the higher the odds, the larger the amount can be a win.

The currency of the account and methods of withdrawal of money

When choosing a bookie, you should learn more about options for possible cash transactions offered by the company. For players, it is essential:

  • currency of deposit accounts (as a rule, an account is opened in the currency used for everyday turnover, so as not to lose funds during their conversion);
  • the procedure of paying out funds (you should make sure that the betting company cooperates with well-known and widely used payment systems);
  • the speed of crediting the withdrawal of funds (as a rule, the terms for crediting and withdrawing funds are indicated on the website of the bookie)!

Mobile betting options

Every year, the number of land-based betting shops decreases as online betting becomes popular. In addition to PC bets, you can bet on your mobile phone. For bets from a gadget, you can choose a mobile version of the site or a mobile application.

Bets from the phone make gambling more accessible, since a smartphone is always in rows, unlike a computer or laptop. When choosing mobile betting options, you need to look at the functionality of the application and site.


The bonus policy of bookmakers is aimed at attracting new players and encouraging already registered users. Bonuses allow you to receive a reward for registration, application installation, and the first bet.

Always read the terms of the bonus, as there are restrictions on its wagering. Remember that bonus funds cannot be withdrawn from the account, they are available only for gambling, but the winnings on them can already be withdrawn.


Playing at a bookie may raise questions from beginners and you can get answers to them in the support service. When choosing a bookmaker, we look at the available communication options, the availability of support service in the native language, and the response time of the operator.

To communicate with customers, bookmakers use live chats, email communication, or hotline calls. It is necessary to choose a bookmaker for sports gambling based on a combination of factors. But the reliability of the bookmaker and its rating come to the fore. The rating of bookmakers can be found on the bookmaker expert portal.

Which bookmaker to choose?

Only when you clearly define your needs will you be able to choose the best bookmaker for you. We can recommend only reliable, trusted companies on the market. By choosing Parimatch, Betobet, Betwinner, Royal Panda, or ComeOn, you are choosing not only a legal but also a reliable gambling option.

Remember that you can always create more than one account and make decisions about who to bet on an ongoing basis depending on the current offer.

Is it worth betting on horse racing?

Starts at hippodromes and takes place daily. And the leading bookmakers accept thousands of bets on competition results. To navigate the abundance of information and data, you should turn to professional forecasters and analysts.

Huge number of racing fans in India call for a variety of events that Indians can watch live. The Indian Derby is a very large racing event in India. Betting on racing in local tournaments, such as one in Bangalore, in India is an excellent way to earn money from your knowledge in this field.

And finally, I would like to give practical advice: do not bet too large amounts on one relay, even if you are confident in your forecast, but rather distribute the money between several sports competitions.