Online horse racing betting is popular all over the world and particularly in India. Various tournaments are regularly held around the world, in which thoroughbred chargers and experienced jockeys from all over the world take part. wagers on such events always appear in the lists of the most popular events due to the great attention from staking fans and mount lovers.

Many spectators love to watch races because of the grace and beauty of mounts, while others enjoy the unpredictability and energy of the contest. Most bettors choose charger racing because it offers a wide range of staking strategies and is regularly held all over the world, which allows you to wager at any time, unlike the most popular sports.

In this review, we will look at the most popular contests between bettors and find out where it is best to make online predictions for such championships.

We will learn about the profitability of such predictions and find out what factors you should pay attention to when placing a wager online.

We have prepared for you a whole list of useful tips helping you to make successful and safe online horse contests predictions!

Why is Sport Betting so Popular?

To begin with, let’s try to understand why sports staking has become the leading gambling industry and what is the reason for the ever-increasing hype and profitability of such predictions. This will help us to delve deeper into the essence of the issue and figure out how to make profitable wagers.

Rivalry, excitement, and competition go hand in hand with man throughout the history of mankind. Even primitive people competed among themselves in primitive semblances of sports disciplines. Sport makes people work purposefully to achieve the goal and compete with each other in skill.

Naturally, when the first sport appeared, spectators immediately appeared. Viewers shared their observations and supported their favorite athletes. This is what led to the emergence of rates. The wager is the belief expressed in money in the victory of the athlete.

At the moment, the gambling industry related to sports staking is the fastest growing and attracts a huge number of new customers every day.

The main feature of sports predictions is the fact that they never become outdated. People will always watch various sports and make predictions in the hope of reaping handsome dividends.

The most popular sports for betting at the moment are:

  • Football;
  • Horse contests;
  • Golf;
  • Cricket;
  • Boxing;
  • UFC;
  • Tennis;
  • Cycling;
  • Swimming;
  • Basketball!

These ten disciplines are the most popular and profitable. It is worth paying attention to the fact that horse races are always in the TOP 3 of the list.

That is why we advise you to pay attention to this type of competition.

Why is Horse Racing Betting so Profitable?

Horse racing betting dates back to 500 BC when the ancient Greeks hosted the first Olympic Games. Since then, the rules of racing have not changed much, which allows you to feel the primitive beauty and excitement of such predictions.

All you need to be successful in predicting racehorse competitions is to know about the main tournaments that are held and their favorites and underdogs. This will be enough to use the most popular staking strategies and make money online.

Many brokers provide the ability to bet on live races, which is a huge advantage. The fact is that in order to get to the racetrack to watch the races live, you need to spend quite a lot of money, and permanent membership in the club will cost you a fortune. That is why sites offering to watch the racetrack and make predictions have won the love of a huge number of bettors.

Before making a prediction, find out if the site offers online viewing of events at the racetrack and whether the site accepts live bets at favorable odds.

Top Betting Sites

After we have covered the basics of charger racing wagering, let’s find out about the best online platforms offering online mount racing predictions and earn money.

We carefully researched each site for a reliable license and offered odds and betting conditions.

Each platform from the list offers to wager on horse racing and has good reviews among its users.

So, let’s find out which bookmakers provide the best betting on horse racing conditions.



Parimatch is a relatively young bookmaker that has managed to win the respect of a huge number of players in India and around the world. A reliable license and an attractive marketing strategy constantly attracts new customers and keeps the odds at a high level. The most important plus is the presence of Live wagering, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the competition and earn money at the same time.



This platform is familiar to many players, as it has extensive experience in providing gambling services around the world.
The main feature of the company is its complete focus on sports staking, which allows us to offer profitable odds and constantly improve conditions for our users.
Many bettors appreciate the company for a modern mobile application developed according to all popular standards that allow you to place ventures from anywhere in the world at any time.



Another popular site offering very competitive rates on mount competitions. main feature. is a wide selection of events that is constantly updated. Thanks to this, bettors can choose the right event allowing them to make good money and have fun. Fast customer support and a generous welcome bonus are always available to users.


Royal Panda

Royal Panda is a bookmaker familiar to experienced players who have been making online predictions on the platform for a long time and enjoy first-class conditions and generous bonuses.
A welcome bonus of up to $1,000 is available for each new user, which will help you quickly multiply your initial deposit. However, you need to remember: an additional wager is imposed on bonus funds.



ComeOn is another sports venturing company. Thanks to many years of experience, the platform has been able to form a stable system making the staking process as comfortable and safe as possible for the user.


Why is it Important to Analyze Bookmakers?

Each company with which you want to establish long-term cooperation must pass a mandatory check on certain points. This will help you avoid cheating by scammers and provide you with the most favorable wagering conditions.

Here is a list of factors to consider when choosing a broker:

  • original site;
  • a wide range of available payment systems;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • favorable odds;
  • generous bonuses;
  • live betting;
  • reliable license!

The most important is the last point, which relates to financial regulation. The most reliable platforms are regularly monitored, which ensures the safety of funds and the profitability of the services provided for the client.

Top Events to Bet On

We have prepared a list of the most common tournaments, and the bets on which bring the most profit. We looked at global competitions and local championships in India.

Let’s first get acquainted with the global events attracting millions of viewers every year.

  1. Royal Ascot – an annual contest taking place in June near London, in which the most thoroughbred chargers are attracted;
  2. Cheltenham Festival – an annual tournament that has an ancient history and traditionally takes place in March and often falls on St. Patrick’s Day, which earned a special love from the Irish audience;
  3. Epsom Derby – flat races of the English format, participation in which mounts no older than three years are involved;
  4. Melbourne Cup – a popular Australian competition, whose history dates back to the 19th century and is wildly popular among the local population;
  5. The Dubai World Cup is a very prestigious event, only selected Thoroughbreds and top jockeys are eligible to compete to get a $10 million prize pool;
  6. Breeders’ Cup – a two-day tournament for thoroughbreds, which has been held since 1984 and has a prize pool of $ 20 million;
  7. Grand National – the annual races in Liverpool, which are held in the format of hunting and pursuit, are distinguished by their swiftness and energy, the total distance is almost seven kilometers;
  8. Caulfield Cup – an annual handicap competition held in Melbourne, mounts from 3 years and older take part in the race, the total distance of the track is 2.5 kilometers;
  9. Cox Plate – another prestigious competition in Melbourne, in which thoroughbred mounts from three years old take part in a distance of 2040 meters;
  10. Kentucky Derby – this competition has been held since 1875 on the first Saturday of May and is recognized as one of the most popular competitions in the world, which annually comes to see more than 150,000 people from all over the world;
  11. Preakness Stakes – races held on the Day of the Armed Forces, the prize fund is 1.5 million US dollars;
  12. The Belmont Stakes is an American race for thoroughbred chargers that compete on a 2,400-meter track and carry 55 kilograms each!

Each of the events has a huge army of fans who regularly make predictions online. Therefore, you can always count on high odds and the prevalence of these events among brokers.

Now let’s take a closer look at the tournaments that take place in India.

Indian Tournaments

Horse racing in India is a very popular sport and almost every major city has its own hippodrome, which regularly gathers a huge number of spectators in one place.

Events in India do not have their own names and differ on a territorial basis. At the moment, the most profitable horse races are in the following regions:

  • Mysore;
  • Chennai;
  • Delhi;
  • Pune;
  • Kolkata;
  • Hyderabad;
  • Bangalore;
  • Mumbai!

The top regions above are Delhi and Hyderabad.

Keep in mind that the events taking place in India are greatly influenced by the seasonality of the weather. From August to October, the monsoon rainy season takes place in India, which significantly reduces the activity of sporting events. The main competitions are held in winter from November to April.

Common Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s discuss the most common mistakes beginner bettors make. By avoiding these mistakes, you will surely ensure safe and profitable staking, which will allow you to regularly earn extra cash easily.

The most common mistake is the so-called emotional veturing, when a player, instead of relying on facts and a sober calculation, makes a venture based on his personal preferences and intuition. Such ventures will not be successful in the long run and will only lead to defeat.

Also, many novice bettors fall into the trap of scammers, not paying attention to a thorough analysis of the platform. To avoid such a mistake, carefully study our review, in which we carefully explained how to choose a reliable profitable predictions platform.

It is also a common mistake to wager on the same participant or on the same competition. If you happen to be lucky enough to place a successful bet on a particular event once, don’t get hung up and limit yourself to betting only on that contest. Always take advantage of multiple earning opportunities.

Many make the reverse mistake and use too many strategies and tournaments at the same time. Using this approach, the player loses concentration very quickly and cannot keep track of all wagers. That is why it is usually advised not to make more than 3-4 predictions at the same time.

Bet on Horse Racing and Earn Online!

We hope our review has convinced you that online horse racing wagering is now more profitable than ever and is already generating solid profits for players around the world.

Join the community of horse racing prediction fans and earn money online!