Breakdown Of Different Horse Racing Jargon!

When you first start gambling on thoroughbred racing it often feels like you are learning a new language as there are so many different foreign terms. However, don’t worry because we are quickly going to turn you into a horse racing expert by explaining the most common gambling lingo. Let’s get started!

  • Win – If your thoroughbred places first your bet wins! This is the most popular way of gambling on thoroughbreds
  • Place – If your thoroughbred comes at least 2nd you walk away a winner. This wager is a great way to reduce risk and increase your chances of winning.
  • In the money – A thoroughbred that places in the top 3 are known as in the money as many gamblers who bet on this thoroughbred will receive a payout.
  • Daily Double – A daily double is when you bet on two different events in a row and try to predict a horse to win the events. A daily double is a fun way to increase excitement and also boost the odds compared to a standard single wager.
  • Exacta – With an exacta you need to bet on two horses to place 1st and 2nd and their exact order which can be tricky but gamblers are rewarded with higher odds.
  • Quinella – A quinella wager is just like an exacta except you don’t have to get the order first
  • Trifecta – A very popular and high-paying wager where you not only have to select the horses that will finish in the top 3 but need to get their order correct. If you get a trifecta correct you need to earn some awesome amount of cash!
  • Pick 6 – With a pick 6 bet, you have to choose the revent winners of 6 events in a row! This is a very hard wager to win but you are rewarded with a serious payout!
  • Bounce – A bounce occurs when a thoroughbred has an unexpectedly bad performance immediately after placing in or winning their last race.
  • Chalk – This is a slang term for a thoroughbred that is likely to win a race. You can also use the term favorite.
  • Chalk hunter – A chalk hunter is a bettor who only gambles on horses that are heavy favorites.
  • Key horse – This refers to an animal that is included multiple times in a series of bets. The performance of this key thoroughbred impacts the entire wager.
  • On the board – This refers to a thoroughbred that places in the top 3 of a race.
  • On the nose – When you only gamble on a thoroughbred to win a race outright.
  • Overlay – This is a thoroughbred who is much more likely to win than its odds suggest. To make money on thoroughbred gambling you need to find overlays.
  • Underlay – This is a thoroughbred that is overrated and its chances of winning are less than the odds offered.
  • Speed Figure – This is an incredibly important measurement that analyzes a thoroughbred’s likelihood of winning. A thoroughbred’s speed figure is based on their recent event results and the skill of the thoroughbred they have defeated. Horses with the highest speed figure have defeated great thoroughbreds and won major events.
  • Wheel – This is where you make an exotic bet and gamble on every single combination.

Put This Jargon To Good Use And Start Gambling!

Now you know all the different terms you are ready to start making some wagers on the next event. Not only will you likely pick some winners but you can impress your buddies with your ability to speak fluent horse racing jargon!

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