Betting on Breeders Cup with Burghley TV

Betting on horse ridings is a separate business, which involves tens of thousands of gamblers. People with the help of competent strategies and knowledge make excellent money, regardless of the circumstances. You can join this community without any expenses or years of training!

The Burghley TV team gives newcomers access to unhindered viewing of the most popular events in the world of horse riding. A new season of the Breeders Cup tournament is about to begin, with the best jockeys competing for the title of best. At the same time, online gamblers will be strategizing and analyze the situation.

In this article, you will learn the necessary information about one of the biggest championships in horse riding and how to make money from it. Become the best with Burghley TV!

What Is the Breeders Cup

This tournament is one of the most popular in the world, second only to the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The first event took place back in 1984 and continue to this day. The organizer is Breeders’ Cup Limited, which originally created the tournament exclusively for the North American region.

Later on, horses from other parts of the world were allowed to participate, especially European athletes.

The prize pool is amazing, though not exceptionally high for the sport. Depending on the track on which the event takes place, the prizes range from one to six million dollars. The pool is formed through nomination fees and foal sales.

Up until 2006, the event lasted one day, but later in 2007, the organizers expanded the racing to a two-day format. All of the tracks are also in the U.S. and are of varying interest to the public and horse breeders. In 2016, fans set an attendance record of 118,000 over the two days of the tournament.

Gamers also appreciate the event because it ranks among the best tier-one horse riding in the world. According to the International Federation of Racing Authorities, it ranks fourth in the rankings of classic events!

Base Features

The organizers provide the opportunity for athletes to participate in different tracks. Each of them differs in its own type of surface, age, and gender of the horses. In total, there are 14 different pathes. Gamblers can bet on classic options or something more exotic.

But if you want to engage in betting on riding, you need to understand the principle by which jockeys get to the event. Each track can have up to 14 participants at a time. There are smaller tracks where the number is limited to 12. There are two ways to gain access.

The fastest is to win a special “Win and You’re In!” event, the winners of which qualify. The rest of the participants take places on a list based on the opinions of experts and the performance of the tournaments over the past year.

This fact has a direct impact on your preparedness for betting, so you should not overlook the number and names of participants. Knowing the names of participants in advance you will be more attentive to details and accordingly increase your win rate!

Last Breeders Cup Tournaments

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of what’s going on at the track, the Burghley.TV team has prepared an overview of recent seasons for you. Let’s take a look together!

The year 2019

The 2019 championship was held in Santa Anita Park, Calif. The organizers spent a record five million dollars to improve track conditions. But that didn’t help make up for the impression of the track among fans and trainers.

The fact is that in the previous season, this track was maximally unprepared for the competition, as a consequence of which several horses and jockeys were injured.

But the venue was not changed and the event started on November 1, 2019. To ensure safety, the company shortened the distance of the path to five furlongs and hired additional veterinarians. But it wasn’t without excesses. The stallion from Mongolia suffered injuries after which he could not continue the competition and his career in general.

The best jockey was Irad Ortiz Jr. for participating in four winning tracks, totaling more than $12 million. The best trainer, on the other hand, was Chad Brown, who received his fifteenth career trophy!
Gamblers noticed the increased interest in betting.

In two days, the volume amounted to a record-breaking $210 million by all standards. Along with this came the opposite data about the record low attendance at the racetrack, only 41 thousand people!

The season brought many surprises. Some favorites have failed, and outsiders with huge odds have taken the lead. Here is the overall 1-day results table!

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Juvenile (Turf) Sprint 5 furlongs (Turf) 2 y.o. $1,000,000 Four Wheel Drive 1.50
Juvenile Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. colts and geldings $1,000,000 Structor 5.30
Juvenile Fillies 1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. fillies $2,000,000 British Idiom 2.70
Juvenile Fillies Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. fillies $1,000,000 Sharing 13.80
Juvenile  1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. colts and geldings $2,000,000 Storm the Court 45.90


The second day also brought many surprises. Of all the declared favorites, only two were able to justify their title.

Gamblers should again pay attention to the odds, which periodically amaze the imagination!

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Filly & Mare Sprint 7 furlongs  3 y.o.+ fillies & mares $1,000,000 Covfefe 1.50
Turf Sprint 5 furlongs (Turf) 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Belvoir Bay 14.80
Dirt Mile 1 mile 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Spun to Run 9.10
Filly & Mare Turf 1 ¼ mile (Turf) 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Iridessa 13.20
Sprint 6 furlongs 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Mitole 1.80
Mile 1 mile (turf) 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Uni 3.60
Distaff 1 ⅛ miles 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Blue Prize 8.90
Turf 1 ½ miles (turf) 3 y.o.+ $4,000,000 Bricks and Mortar 1.00
Classic 1 ¼ miles 3 y.o.+ $6,000,000 Vino Rosso 4.60


The winnings of some gamblers surprised many. One victory of Storm the Count with odds of 45.90 ensures a man’s poverty-free existence for a year!

The Year 2020

The 2020 event was hosted by Keeneland Raceway in Kentucky. The recent outbreak of coronavirus determined the peculiarities of the event. Because of this, the presence of live fans and the number of staff were limited. The athletes were also affected by these restrictions.

Jockey Christophe Soumillon fell ill with the virus and withdrew from the race. Remarkably, the horses he was supposed to race on later won the races. Trainer Brad Cox also stood out, as his charges took four wins in one weekend!

Here are the results for November 6, 2020.

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Juvenile (Turf) Sprint 5 ½ furlongs (Turf) 2 y.o. $1,000,000 Golden Pal 0.80
Juvenile Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. colts and geldings $1,000,000 Fire at Will 30.20
Juvenile Fillies 1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. fillies $2,000,000 Vequist 6.60
Juvenile Fillies Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. fillies $1,000,000 Aunt Pearl 2.60
Juvenile  1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. colts and geldings $2,000,000 Essential Quality 3.70


The next day brought just as many surprises, pushing many favorites off the podium!

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Filly & Mare Sprint 7 furlongs  3 y.o.+ fillies & mares $1,000,000 Gamine 1.05
Turf Sprint 5 furlongs (Turf) 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Glass Slippers 10.20
Dirt Mile 1 mile 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Knicks Go 1.80
Filly & Mare Turf 1 ¼ mile (Turf) 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Audarya 17.80
Sprint 6 furlongs 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Whitmore 18.40
Mile 1 mile (turf) 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Order of Australia 73.20
Distaff 1 ⅛ miles 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Monomoy Girl 1.00
Turf 1 ½ miles (turf) 3 y.o.+ $4,000,000 Tarnawa 4.70
Classic 1 ¼ miles 3 y.o.+ $6,000,000 Authentic 4.20



In 2020, there was a trend for European horses that performed well on turf and other surfaces. Unexpected was the victory of the breeders from Australia with a chance of 73 to 1!

The Year 2021

The event was held at the Del Mar track in California, and was covered by major TV channels. But it could not be called a record-breaker by any measure. Bookmakers say betting volumes totaled $154 million over the two days, a marked drop from previous results.

The race was very hectic with several unfortunate injuries and mistakes on the part of the vets and organizers. Many of the favorites did not live up to their title and finished in the last ranks. This approach to athlete preparation and the confluence of circumstances upset the fans.

But gamblers managed to earn good money during the weekend. Let’s look at the results of the first day!

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Juvenile (Turf) Sprint 5  furlongs (Turf) 2 y.o. $1,000,000 Twilight Gleaming 5.20
Juvenile Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. colts and geldings $1,000,000 Echo Zulu 0.80
Juvenile Fillies 1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. fillies $2,000,000 Pizza Bianca 9.90
Juvenile Fillies Turf 1 mile (Turf) 2 y.o. fillies $1,000,000 Corniche 1.40
Juvenile  1 1/16 miles 2 y.o. colts and geldings $2,000,000 Modern Games n/a


The second day is not much different from the first in its conclusions.

Race Name Distance & Surface Restrictions Purse Winner (Bred) Odds
Filly & Mare Sprint 7 furlongs  3 y.o.+ fillies & mares $1,000,000 Ce CE 6.2
Turf Sprint 5 furlongs (Turf) 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Golden Pal 2.50
Dirt Mile 1 mile 3 y.o.+ $1,000,000 Life is Good 0.70
Filly & Mare Turf 1 ¼ mile (Turf) 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Loves Only You 4.30
Sprint 6 furlongs 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Aloha West 11.30
Mile 1 mile (turf) 3 y.o.+ $2,000,000 Space Blues 2.10
Distaff 1 ⅛ miles 3 y.o. fillies & mares $2,000,000 Marche Lorraine 49.90
Turf 1 ½ miles (turf) 3 y.o.+ $4,000,000 Yibir 8.50
Classic 1 ¼ miles 3 y.o.+ $6,000,000 Knicks Go 3.20


What to Expect in 2022?

Today it is impossible to say with certainty the names of the competitors and companies that will participate in the current season. Presumably, clear race cards will be published in the second half of October. Then it will be possible to make full conclusions and begin to analyze the situation.

The date of the tournament is also not known. But if the organizers do not change their traditions, the community will see the Breeders Cup 2022 in the first weekend of November.

You have all the possibilities to prepare and approach the beginning of the event with enough knowledge and experience and claim a good profit at the end of the season!

Best Jockeys during Last Season

Knowledge of jockeys directly affects the win rate of your trades. The tandem of a good rider and a trained horse leads to unexpected results. And even an outsider pair has a chance to win if there is a mutual understanding and a special bond between man and animal. To give you a better idea, look at the top 5 jockeys of the last season and their main achievements!

Joel Rosario. The jockey is widely regarded as the best of all opponents, leading in the number of wins per season. In one year, the man has amassed 49 championship titles and a phenomenal $35 million in royalties. He is at the pinnacle of his career right now, but 2022 could make his position much worse!

Flavien Prat. 21 wins in a season. The peak of the career is very near, according to the analysts, and he has a chance to be the number 1 in the near future!

Irad Ortiz Jr. has a perfect record of 14 World Tour wins since 2014, not every jockey on the roster can match that. He’s much younger than the top 2 jockeys, but has already shown he can compete with them on equal terms!

Luis Saez. Jockey’s main accomplishment was winning Essential Quality and a number of other top-notch races.

Jose Ortiz. A young but very promising jockey with five Breeders’ Cup titles under his belt after a resounding success in the 2021 season. Commentators and gamblers have high hopes for him!

Jockey lists are compiled to inform the public about the accomplishments of their favorites. But gamblers use them to do better analysis and look for patterns for their own work. Try it and you!

Why is Breeders Cup Betting Profitable?

Betting on horse riding is an ancient pastime, which was practiced in ancient Rome. Nowadays tens of thousands of people win a fortune thanks to one successful transaction. There is no secret here, it’s all about the right strategy and proper preparation.

Breeders Cup will be a great start for your betting career. The event is a crowd favorite thanks to the huge betting odds and incredible limits. Ensuring good liquidity thanks to the excitement from the fans guarantees you timely payouts in full!

Everyone will find bets to their liking during the season finale. Bookmakers spoil their customers by providing almost unlimited opportunities to make money. Therefore, if you have an interest in horse racing, turn it into a real source of additional income!

You have time to prepare and gain the necessary knowledge before the preparatory stage begins. The right approach helps you to be confident and to make deals based on a dry calculation and facts, not on emotions and intuition. If you stick to the plan, you will easily become part of the community!

Let’s Start Your Journey Today!

Betting on sports helps people realize their dreams. There’s no reason why you can’t follow their example and achieve a similar result.

Start your way today and try your hand at the next tournament or wait for the Breeders Cup to get the real jackpot! Good luck and good odds!


This is one of the main parts of the season, which all the big bookmakers pay attention to. Gamblers get an opportunity to make money on big odds and quite predictable results!

Joel Rosario tops the list of top jockeys for the 2021 season. His track record justifies the staggering amount of his fee. He has more than 49 successful performances to his credit in the last year!

The tournament is held in North America. Almost all of the tracks are located in the United States. Only once has the venue shifted to Canada. Most often the organizers choose tracks in California and other western states!