Caulfield Cup is a popular racing event in Australia

In Australia, equestrianism has been loved and appreciated since ancient times. Back in 1861, the first races of the Melbourne Cup took place. Since then, they have become a significant event in Australian life.

Previously, only Australian horses and athletes took part in them. But since 1990, participants from other countries began to compete in competitions: England, New Zealand, Ireland, and Asian countries.

Australian stables have extensive experience in breeding elite riding breeds of horses. Their pets compete in relays all over the world. But players and tourists from all over the world also gather at Australian races.

What is Caulfield Cup?

The Caulfield Cup is the first event of spring racing. They began their existence in 1879, and today they are one of the richest handicappers in the world. The length of the race track is 2,400 m.

Caulfield tournament is one of Australia’s oldest equestrian tournaments, founded in 1879. The tournament is held within the framework of the Melbourne Equestrian Club under handicap conditions, in which horses of ten years and older can participate. The race is held at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne every year in mid-October. The prize pool is 5 million Australian dollars.

What is it famous for?

Historically, these races are known because of the fact that the largest number of purebred equines took part in them. Usually, the relay is held on the last day of the famous Melbourne Festival and is one of the stages of selection for the Melbourne Cup.

The field is limited to 18 participants with four emergency entries as determined by the voting system. Prize money wins and placement in the preliminary races are some of the main factors in determining a horse’s eligibility. Automatic entry is awarded to the winners of the Toorak Handicap, Herbert Power Stakes, and Mornington.

The genesis of the tournament

Victoria is considered the birthplace of racing in Australia, with international relays such as the Melbourne Cup and Cox’s Dish. The governing body of Racing Victoria Limited.

The main club is the Victoria Club which races Flemington, the other two metropolitan clubs are the Melbourne Club, which races Caulfield and Sandown, and the Moonee Valley Club, home of the Australasian Weight for Age Championship, Cox’s Dish.

The state boasts many premier provincial and national racetracks including Pakenham, Cranbourne, Mornington, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Mildura, Stony Creek, Wangaratta, Warrnambool, Moe, and Tatu.

Where the event is held?

Caulfield racecourse is one of the oldest and most famous racecourses not only in Melbourne but also in Australia. Australian racing fans call this racetrack “the wasteland”. The track itself has a rather unusual shape of a triangle, which has three straight sections, and its total length is more than 2 km.

The racecourse hosts more than 20 horse tournaments each year, most of which are among the most famous historic tournaments in Australia. During the period when competitions are not held at the racecourse, it is used to train and examine of the equines that live there, in addition, students of local veterinary universities usually do their internships there.

Caulfield Cup results in 2021

On November 16, the Caulfield Cup 2021 was played. It is a good occasion to get acquainted with the winners of 2021 and past years. But first, a few words about the results of the last draw. My main favorite was Incentivise.

This season he rode unbeaten: 4 starts and 4 wins, 3 of which were in the relays of the first group. And in total in his career, there were 12 starts and 9 victories. He took first place.

Second place went to Nonconformist. Last season he participated in the tournament. Last year, before the start on November 16, he rode 8 times. Won 0 relays of the first group, 2 times took the second places, never was the third. And in total in his career, there were 21 starts, 6 victories, 4 second and 4 third places.

Third place went to Persan. Last season he did not participate in the tournament. Last year, before the start on November 16, he rode 5 times. I won 0 races of the first group, never took the second, and was only once. And in total in his career, there were 30 starts, 7 victories, 5 seconds, and 3 third places. The full table of results of the 2021 tournament can be found below.

Place Horse Jockey
1 Incentivise Brett Prebble
2 Nonconformist Craig Williams
3 Persan Ms. Linda Meech
4 Montefilia Jye McNeil
5 Great House Theodore Nugent
6 Chapada Daniel Stackhouse
7 She`s Ideel     Craig Newitt
8 Young Werther Daniel Moor
9 Ocean Billy Damien Thornton
10 Port Guillaume Harry Coffey
11 Homesman Jordan Childs
12 Master of Wine Dean Holland
13 Delphi Damien Oliver
14 The Chosen One Damian Lane
15 Selino Fred Kersley
16 Duais Michael Dee
17 Explosive Jack John Allen
18 Charms Star Dean Yendall


The list of the winner of the past decade.

Year Horse Jockey
2020 Very Eleegant Mark Zahra
2019 Mer De Glace Damian Lane
2018 Best Solution Patrick Cosgrave
2017 Boom Time Cory Parish
2016 Jameka Favourite Nicholas Hall
2015 Mongolian Khan Opie Bosson
2014 Admire Rakti Zac Purton
2013 Fawkner Nicholas Hall
2012 Dunade Craig Williams
2011 Southern Speed Craig Williams
2010 Descardo Chris Munce


Caulfield Cup schedule for 2022-2023

There are no certain dates of the 2023 season yet but do not worry because the season of 2022 is only about to begin. Traditionally, the event will be held on October 15, which this year falls on a Saturday. On the day of entry, 18 jockeys take part in the start and 4 more jockeys remain on the field as a spare.

As of today, more than 170 riders and their horses have qualified for the Caulfield, but only 18 of them will make it to the final race. Final details regarding the full list of participants, their number, and starting position will be decided on Wednesday 12 October in the afternoon.

Usually, the tournament is dominated by representatives of Australia and New Zealand, but in recent years there has been an increase in participants from abroad, namely from Britain, Germany, and Japan. In the last 30 years, there have been seven winners who did not represent Australia or New Zealand.

Top jockeys of the season

To become a professional jockey, you should be trained – love for equines alone will not be enough. There are a huge number of specialized schools around the world where:

  • study the features of the physiology and anatomy of various breeds of horses;
  • introduce the features and mechanics of their movement;
  • reveal the secrets of preparing animals to the upcoming races!

First, the skill of riding on special simulators is practiced to automatism, when they learn competent landing, working with a whip, setting the legs in the stirrup, and the rules for working with a bridle or reins. In such schools, videos from the relays are not just watched, but videos from the races are carefully watched, and the tricks and mistakes made by famous equestrians are analyzed.

It is important to understand that an equestrian is not just a relay rider. This is a virtuoso mastery of all equine management techniques, the development of your style, and professional landing. A rider needs to maintain his weight – it must not exceed the norm – no more than 52.5 kg. There are no growth restrictions.

The equestrian must remain hardy and strong. Usually, this profession is chosen by men. Although there are equestrians among women. But for the most part, they don’t excel in this profession.

Good knowledge of the details of this job and skills to analyze the statistics of jockeys’ results will massively help you with betting. Now let`s briefly get acquainted with the best equestrians of the 2022 season some of whom may participate in the Caulfield Cup and who you can bet.

Irad Ortis Jr.

As a child, one of his idols was Ángel Cordero, Jr., the first Puerto Rican jockey to be inducted into the National Museum of Riding and Hall of Fame. At the age of 16, Ortiz entered Puerto Rico’s Escuela Vocacional Hípica, a school for future jockeys.

Ortiz began his professional riding career at the Hipódromo Camarero in Puerto Rico on the first day of 2011, winning 76 out of 357 stars in the following months. Pito Rosa, who works in the NYRA jockey room, encouraged Ortiz to come to New York. Rose also found an agent for Ortiz and acted as a mentor while Ortiz settled in.

Ortiz has won the last three Eclipse Awards as the North American Champion. He led all riders with 249 wins in 2022 and is currently first with 998 starts and $26,731,855 in the purse. He also won 36 personal bests, 10 of which are 1st class, including the $1 million Pegasus World Cup Turf (G1) aboard Colonel Liam.

Joel Rosario

The second place in this year’s rating is taken b no one other than Joel Rosario. Joel Rosario, who today has so much success thanks to the victories of 2022 and previous years, and who, because of his height, was considered the perfect rider, began his professional career at the V Centenario Racecourse in Santo Domingo.

12 years, he studied at the V Centenary Professional Jockey School before making his professional debut at the age of 14. On his first run, when the launch vehicle gates opened, he fell. He is second among all rides with 147 wins in 2022 and with 726 starts and $22,442,397 in the purse.

Flavien Prat

French equestrian Flavien Prat moved to the United States in 2015. At the age of 29, he had just won the highly prestigious Preakness Stakes, the 2nd leg of the American Triple Crown, riding Rombauer, a cousin of Roaring Lion, at Pimlico Racecourse in Maryland.

Flavien Prat, born to a trotting family in Mayenne, was voted the best pupil in France, second Wertheimer jockey, and won some great relays in France, including the 2013 Marcel Boussac Prize at the Indonesian event. But feeling that his career was stagnating, he decided to cross the Atlantic in 2015. His rise there was rapid.

At Pimlico in 2021, in the saddle against outsider Rombauer, Flavien Prat left no room to debate and etched his name into all the memories of American equestrian history, defeating the legendary 55-year-old Mike Smith, the most successful rider in the locker room. currently. Right now, he holds third among all rides with 185 wins in 2022, with 765 starts and $20,874,593 in the purse.

Tyler Gaffalione

Tyler Gaffalione is only 28 years old – almost a child’s age by the standards of modern American racing, where the leading masters are almost completely over the thirty-year-old mark, and it is not surprising that the best equines go to, 41-year-old Javier Castellano or even 53-year-old Mike Smith.

In 2015, he won the Eclipse award in the Best Apprentice Jockey category, and now he has more than 1,000 victories and almost $43 million in prize money.

At the same time, Tyler started racing rather late – even though there were already two generations of jockeys in the Gaffalion family before him, his father insisted that he receive a full secondary education and did not allow him to get a license before graduation. As of 2022, he took part in 1091 races, 196 of which he won, and has $18,550,685 in his purse.

Why is it profitable to bet on Caulfield Cup?

Since equine racing is not so popular and very unpredictable, online bookmakers offer very high odds. Thus, gamblers should look up to the highest multipliers to increase the possible winnings.

Equine racing will allow you to win big jackpots and test your mathematical thinking and luck. In this type of bet, there are many interesting and varied bets. Each bettor can choose the optimal strategy and bet for himself, which will suit both the bankroll and the style of the game.

Types of bets

In order not to make mistakes, but to understand how to gamble on racing in 2021 correctly, it is worth considering all types of bets. In the bookmaker’s office, you can bet on the winner of the racing event.

Everything is quite simple here, bettors must choose a horse and if it comes to the finish line first, then the bet will play. Also, users of online gambling sites can bet that a certain horse, on the contrary, will not win the race.

To reduce the risks, bettors can consider betting on the top three winners. Of course, in this line of rates, the quotes are much lower, but the chances are much greater. This type of betting in racing is often referred to as “Show”.

Note that in different events, the number of prize places on which you can gamble may vary. However, if you bet on three winners at once, then such a betting line will already be called “Place”.

The highest odds

If bettors are used to playing big, then the Forecast bet will suit them. For this bet, you need to predict which equine will take first or second place. True, sometimes online bookmakers accept bets on other places, who will take the last two lines or who will be 3rd and 4th. Note that such markets are valued at very high odds, as bettors need to predict the exact position of the two equines.

Sometimes bookmakers offer “Triple Forecast”, where you need to predict the places of as many as three equines. Also, the bettor can indicate the exact places of all the horses. It is just a very profitable, but also dangerous, a strategy that allows you to win huge sums.

True, for such a system it is necessary not only to analyze the condition of the horses well, to know the skill of the jockeys but also to be lucky since a lot depends on luck here.

Betting advice

It is worth noting that you need to prepare a bankroll that will not be a pity to lose if you fail. After that, you need to consider the highest odds and use strategies. Note that racing can become the main type of income for a bettor.

Each bettor should consider the age of the equine, the length of the races, and the weight of the rider when betting, as this can affect speed, weather conditions, and more. It is worth noting that many bettors do not use these tips, but place bets only on their favorite number and wait for a miracle. Not to say that such a method does not work, especially if the player is lucky, but still, a method is riskier.

Is it worth betting on horse racing?

The advantage of betting on racing is that this sport is not a team sport. Analysis requires the better to find one single winner.

From the forecast for the best horse, the rest of the betting schemes are built.