Cheltenham Festival Betting Review

Since ancient times, horse racing has been considered truly royal fun. And since today we will talk about charger races in the United Kingdom, the halo of elitism and sublimity will not leave us until the very end of the review.

At the moment, there are a huge number of different sports that are available to make online betting on various platforms. But no sport can match the beauty and grace of horse racing.

Since the acquaintance of mankind with mounts and their domestication, people have admired the beauty and grace of these animals. Thus, horse racing is a combination of human love of beauty and an eternal gambling passion.

Jockeys know: each horse has its own unique disposition, which makes the activity extremely unpredictable. Due to the unpredictability of betting on horse racing, this is a very profitable type of prediction bringing good income with minimal investment.

The first races were held back in the days of ancient Egypt and Rome. The rules and regulations have not changed much, as well as the desire of people to bet and get rich. This is what makes the industry so desirable and profitable between many wagering enthusiasts.

Today we will get acquainted with the most prestigious and popular event, which is held annually in the UK and brings together a huge number of true connoisseurs of horses.

We will learn about the history of the event, and the turning points of its development and try to understand why it is so popular among bettors today.

What is Cheltenham Festival?

The Cheltenham Festival is an annual event that takes place at the end of March in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The contest is entirely dedicated to horse racing and attracts first-class equestrians and mounts to participate in the competition.

The contest usually takes place over 4 days in March and usually falls on St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, making it especially popular with the Irish population.

As you know, the Irish are famous for their cheerfulness and energy. This gives a special flavor to the whole event. All four days are like a fabulous carnival, where people find true unity with nature and animals.

Moreover, the Cheltenham Festival is one of the most prestigious events of its kind, which provides generous funding and a huge prize pool. Naturally, such factors affect the odds, which makes predictions on the event very profitable.

The Festival dates back to 1860 when special hunting chases came into fashion. It was in that year when the first official National Hunt Chase was held. Initially, such events were held at the Warwick Racecourse. The traditional equestrian convention received a new round of development in 1904 when it was decided to move it to Cheltenham.

This went on during two years, but the hippodrome itself could not accommodate everyone and did not meet the requirements of the nobility, who were very picky about the conditions of such contests. In this regard, the arena needed reconstruction.

To do this, it was decided to again hold the chase at the old place in Warwick until the restoration of the hippodrome was carried out. So, during the next four years, from 1906 to 1910, the race was held at Warwick Racecourse while the main venue was closed due to renovation.

As part of the reconstruction, colossal work was carried out, for which impressive funds were allocated from the funds of the nobility and the royal family. Two new wings were built to accommodate everyone, a new performance stand, a new paddock with 35 saddling boxes, and a brand new drain. All this helped convince the Committee to return to Prestbury Park, where it has been held ever since.

At the moment the contest consists of different sections and challenges for the mount and its rider, but earlier the tournament was dedicated to the steeplechase race. The then format meant crossing an obstacle course by a rider at speed. The regulation is called the Steyers Obstacle. In addition to the obstacle course, there was also a minor competition called the Golden Cup.

During many years, the festival took three days; a separate day was allocated to take each format. However, since 2005 it has been decided to add the Gold Cup to the competition program, which will help to sum up the results of all previous competition days. So far, riders and their charges have gone through 28 different formats in a total of four days.

Here are some of the formats used during the Cheltenham Festival:

  • the Champion Bumper;
  • Triumph Hurdle;
  • Ryanair Chase;
  • Supreme Novices’ Hurdle;
  • Neptune Investment Management Novices’ Hurdle;
  • Arkle Challenge Trophy;
  • R.S.A. Chase;
  • Champion Hurdle;
  • World Hurdle;
  • Queen Mother Champion Chase;
  • the Foxhunters’ Chase;
  • the Gold Cup!

As you can tell, the diversity allows you to fully test the contestants and determine the real winner. It is important to know that many bookmakers accept bets on all available competition formats, which greatly increases the chances of a successful prediction.

You just need to determine which equestrian will be the most successful in a certain area, and which horse is most likely to go out of the contest.

About Festival

In order to feel the history of the contest, you need to learn more about the key events that will forever remain in the memory of the participants and spectators of the format.

It’s important to be aware of these key points because they help you understand which jockeys are successful, which section of the track is the most difficult, and which stages of the contest attract the most spectators (which undoubtedly affects the odds).

In general, the main tool of a bettor is an attentive attitude to details. Therefore, let’s make a brief overview of the key turning points that have taken place during the entire existence of the event.

One of the significant moments in the history of the festival was in 1983 when a woman was admitted to the race by the general decision of the committee. The championship in the pursuit of the Foxes went to the woman Caroline Beasley, who easily outstripped the opponent to men. In fact, the participation of women in horse racing is a separate issue that needs close attention.

The fact is that women have a number of advantages over men. The most obvious and simple is weight. It was the factor that helped Caroline get ahead of other participants. The horse simply did not feel the light camp of the girl on itself, which made it possible to move with greater ease and much greater speed. Definitely, women are known for their sensitivity and sensuality.

It is thanks to this that it is much easier for them to find a common language with the animal and feel its mood. Keep these important features in mind. If you’re going to be racing fast and hard on flat, smooth terrain, it’s best to opt for a female equestrian.

However, if we are talking about an obstacle course or a contest where you need to curb an animal and suppress its temper, then it is better to give preference to a male equestrian because a tough male temper will better cope with the task.

The year 1987 was marked by another series of victories from a female equestrian. Gee Armistage, who was only 21 at the time, easily outpaced the pro riders in the Mildmay of Flete Challenge Cup and the Kim Muir Challenge Cup formats. This is another fact confirming the assumption: women are able to compete with men in such a sport as horse racing.

The first time the festival had to be canceled was in 2001. At that time, an outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease was rampant in the country, which spread throughout Britain. It was decided not to hold the tournament, so as not to endanger the participants, spectators, or animals.

In 2008, during the second day of the competition, a severe storm broke out. The riders tried to make races despite the weather conditions, but the horses were blown away by the wind and they got stuck in the mud. In this regard, it was decided to postpone the contest for the next day.

2019 was a record year for attendance. At the opening of the first day of the event, more than 68,000 people were counted. From this, we are able to conclude: even more people watch races online and make predictions, which in turn affects the odds and profitability.

In this regard, it is very important to follow the hottest contests and bet on them in LIVE stream mode in order to always be aware of current tournaments at the hippodrome and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the Irish holiday.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 event took place as scheduled from March 10th to 13th, sparking a huge outbreak. From the fact, again, we are able conclude: for many people an event of this level is much more important than their own health.

This gives us every reason to consider betting on such events as a profitable investment of our own funds. We recommend that you watch what is happening on the hippodrome using high-quality Live streams on modern betting platforms, which will help you avoid all sorts of illnesses and other problems associated with the accumulation of a large number of people in one place.

2022 Festival Results

The 2022 competition season turned out to be very spectacular and intense. Due to the huge hype, both men’s and women’s races were in huge demand on betting platforms, which ensured high odds and big winnings for lucky bettors.

The 2022 season was held from March 15 to 18 and this time, according to tradition, the peak of the contest fell on St. Patrick’s Day, which caused a storm of emotions among visitors and made the tournament even more memorable.

Races were held in all 28 formats officially adopted by the committee. On average, about 70,000 people watched the competition live and about 1.5 million on TV, excluding online streaming platforms.
All 28 formats made up four competitive days, following which the best jockey was awarded. Let’s look at the results of these contests.

1st Day

Ryanair Chase
1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize

Coach: W. Mullins

Jockey: P. Townend


Interval: 14 lengths

Jockey: M. Walsh

Eldorado Allen

Interval: ¾ length

Jockey: B. Powell


The results of the first competitive day are always the most important. You see in front of you the results of all the races that took place on March 15, 2022.

From the table, we are able to understand: the highest scoring stallion was Allaho paired with his Townend riders. The couple’s coach was Mullins, who is quite well known in prestigious British circles.
Obviously, the gap from second place is 14 lengths, which is a lot. Thus, betting on a large gap between first and second place could bring solid dividends.

Well, let’s look at the results of the second day.

2nd Day

Queen Mother Champion Chase
1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize
Golden Sixty

Coach: W. Mullins

Jockey: P. Townend

Funambule Sivola

Interval: 8 ½ lengths

Jockey: C. Deutsch

Envoy Allen

Interval: 4 ½ lengths

Jockey: R. Blackmore


The second competitive day is dedicated to the King of Great Britain and is a very important stage for the passage of the entire tournament. The stage was held on March 16, 2022.

As we can see, the same Townend equestrian paired with trainer Mullins, but on a different mount, was in first place. From this, we can conclude: it is not the charger that plays the decisive role in success, but the skill of the equestrian.

From the table, we can see that the gap between first and second places has narrowed to 8 lengths, which tells us: C. Deutsch is more experienced and agile than M. Walsh.

Use this knowledge while betting and use information from the sports analytics sections which are often available on websites.

3d Day

Champion Hurdle
1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize

Coach: Henry de Bromhead

Jockey: R. Blackmore


Interval: 3 ½ lengths

Jockey: E. Coleman


Interval: 1 length

Jockey: D. Kennedy


The third stage of the competition took place on St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. On this day, the so-called chases begin, in which the fastest stallions and the most skillful jockeys usually win.

At the stage R. Blackmore was in the lead, on the charger Honeysuckle.

Consider these names and wager on them if you are offered to wager on the fastest and most agile lineup. Don’t forget their trainer Henry de Bromhead, who has nurtured generations of top-notch riders.

4th Day

Cheltenham Gold Cup
1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize
A Plus Tard

Coach: Henry de Bromhead

Jockey: R. Blackmore

Minella Indo

Interval: 15 lengths

Jockey: R. Power


Interval: 2 ½ lengths

Jockey: H. Skelton


The Golden Cup stage, which took place on March 18th, is the most important moment of the entire festival. This is the day when the results are summed up and the traditional gold cup race is held.

Apparently, R. Blackmore, under the leadership of Henry de Bromhead, was among the first again, which again indicates that it is important to manage, and not the animal itself under the saddle.

Tournament Fixtures 2023 Season

The upcoming 2023 season brings many positive online betting opportunities. It is already known that the event will take place from March 14 to March 17. It is considered good luck when the festival ends on St. Patrick’s Day.

This ensures a good mood for participants and spectators and is considered a happy omen.

Top Jockeys

After analyzing the above information, we can conclude which riders are successful. Many factors influence success.

Let’s look at the main factors affecting performance:

  • the weight;
  • growth;
  • mutual understanding with the mount;
  • dexterity;
  • strong character;
  • perseverance;
  • The will to win!

As you can see, not only physical condition is important for an equestrian, but also firmness of mind, because horses are very susceptible to mood changes.

Modern analysts single out the following three athletes as the best rider contenders during next season:

  • 2022 Paul Townend;
  • 2021 Rachael Blackmore;
  • 2020 Ruby Walsh!

Remember these names, because predictions on them can earn you a good jackpot. Stay tuned to receive updates on online platforms and don’t forget to make a successful online betting prediction in time.

Why is betting on the Cheltenham Festival Profitable?

If you still have such a question, then it is not difficult to answer it. According to statistics, about 70,000 people come to see each such contest live every year, which can compete with any modern sporting event. Several million more are watching the contest on TV. It’s hard to even imagine how many viewers are watching all this in Live stream mode and making predictions online.

Such excitement forces bookmakers to compete with each other by providing the best conditions and bonuses to each user who bets on horse racing.

The main thing to remember is that in order to make your predictions successful, you first need to find a broker you can trust. To do this, make sure that the selected company has a reliable license, a modern website, and 24/7 customer support.

Make Your Successful Horse Racing Prediction

Apparently, wagers of this kind are no more difficult than classic gambling. On the contrary, such contests are also very beautiful and graceful.

The industry has long had a huge army of fans and is replenished daily with new fans.

Convince yourself of the profitability of prestigious events now and make your first successful prediction online!