Chennai horse races and bets on it

Horse racing is a kind of activity that comes from ancient times. The sport was officially established in 1777 with the construction of the Hippodrome. Today, the tournament process is controlled by six racing bodies. Competitions are held at nine venues. These are famous Indian racecourses.

The development of the industry has not changed the ancient traditions of using Indian one-hoofed. The pure blood of the breed is very important in such competitions. All runs are held seasonally during various tournaments.

The Chennai competition was held as an entertainment event. Only in 1837, the Madras Sports Club was established, and since then it has been the organizer of the Chennai tournament. During the First World War, the competition stopped and resumed only a year after its end. Due to its popularity, they decided to build another racetrack for summer competitions.

In 1974, due to criticism of gambling, the authorities decided to ban horse racing in the state citing moral reasons.

The owners of the racetracks appealed the decision to the courts. The Madras High Court did not temporarily bar the Madras Club from holding races in 1978 because of the anniversary of the activity. But an official permit to allow such activity was published in the early 1990s.

Modern tournaments are now held at Madras Race Club in Chennai in winter and Ooty in summer. And although the country has a ban on online betting, it bypasses racing. This sport is the leader among the most common forms of betting legally allowed in India. By choosing this sport, the user does not violate the law and may play calmly.

Recent 2022 events

Tournaments are held in seasons. The Chennai contest started as a part of the winter competition. Although there are not many events, they are worth paying attention to. On a specific day, there are 8-9 races in which 10 horses take part. The general rule is that one-hoofed take part only once per tournament. The table below lists the winners of each run by date.

When Contest Animal Event
February 24, 2022








R1 Autumn Shower The moment of love handicap
R2 Constant Variable The claim to fame handicap
R3 Katahdin The hammerhead handicap
R4 Excellent Phoenix The Master craft handicap
R5 Historian The Chief minister`s trophy
R6 Dangerous The MRS.D.Meenakshi Dhevanathan Yadav winner trophy
R7 Alexander The Golden grace handicap


When Contest Animal Event
March 5, 2022








R1 Devils Magic, The Mysore Race club million
R2 Douglas The Royal Calcutta Turf club million


The Hyderabad Race club million
R4 Lord Frankel, The Bangalore Turf club million

Victory Parade,

The Royal western India turf club million


The Zavaray S.Poonawalla sprinters` cup


The Farmfields Stayers` cup
R8 Pink Jasmine, The Delhi Race club million


When Contest Animal Event
March 6, 2022








R1 The Sovereign Orb The Win news million
R2 New Look The Hooves of steel sumangala tmt million
R3 Ashwa Morocco


The Sans Craintes stud Juvenile million
R4 Last Wish The Dashmesh Stud Juvenile million
R5 Northern Alliance The Suresh Mahindra multi – million trophy
R6 Cosmic Ray The MAJ.P.K.Mehra memorial super mile cup
R7 Juliette The Chettinad indian turf invitation cup
R8 Allamanda The M.R.Pratap memorial million


When Contest Animal Event
March 11, 2022









R1 The Sovereign Orb The O.T.A cup (div-ii)
R2 Be Calm The O.T.A cup (div-i)
R3 Valeska The Police cup
R4 Lady Solitaire The Air force cup (div-ii)
R5 Beejay The Air force cup (div-i)
R6 Sonic Dash The Navy cup
R7 Kay Star The G Narasimhan memorial trophy
R8 Divina The Army cup
R9 Queen Of Fame The Flirting eye handicap


When Contest Animal Event
March 12, 2022









R1 Golden Strike The Champion trainer trophy (div-ii)
R2 Soul Mate The Champion trainer

trophy (div-i)

R3 Storm Flag The Leading owner trophy (div-ii)
R4 Knight In Armour The Leading owner trophy (div-i)
R5 Anastasia The Nani agro foods cup
R6 Historian The Madras race club trophy
R7 Wonderful The Guindy grand prix (gr.3)
R8 First Empress The S.Rangarajan memorial trophy
R9 Eagle Bluff The Champion Jckey trophy


Schedule for 2022-2023 season

Due to the complexity of the event and the possibility of unforeseen events such as the death of a horse, the competition is usually announced a month before the start.

Chennai Ooty Additional Season 2022 will be held in 8 races, in each of which a different number of riders participate.

When Contest Event
20 September 2022






R1 The Gulfstream Handicap
R2 The Monmouth Park Handicap (Div-Ii)
R3 The Monmouth Park Handicap (Div-I)
R4 The Elusive Pimpernel Plate
R5 The Madras Race Club Trophy
R6 The Newcastle Handicap (Div-I)
  R7 The Newcastle Handicap (Div-Ii)
  R8 The Lingfield Handicap


Tips to choose a betting site to gamble on Chennai horse tournament

Professional cappers are guided by certain game strategies, even when it comes to betting on horse races.

Bets on recent winners. Better looks at the results of the previous events, highlighting the clear winners. The strategy involves the analysis of statistics and news. If the recent winner confidently passes the entire distance of the season and got enough time to rest, then the bettor bets on the favourite. The bet is usually on Win, but the capper can minimize the risks and bet on Place, with lower odds.

Horse and jockey partnership strategy. The final result often depends on the relationship between them. The strategy implies the need to find a horse that took second or third place in the previous race. If the jockey has not changed, it will be understood that the animal is promising, and therefore the chances of winning will increase.

In general, the jockey factor is often underestimated. If the favourite one-hoofed is managed by another jockey, the probability of repeating a good result is reduced, because an understanding must be established between the animal and the jockey.

A bet on the loser. Capper relies on statistics when he picks a horse with a good record, but he has been an underdog in recent events. When a jockey loses, bookmakers turn their attention to other participants. Bookmakers do not delve into statistics, studying the potential of one-hoofed, the skill of jockeys, so miscalculations are possible.  The strategy is popular among professional bettors.

Additionally, it is recommended to study the tournament map before betting on racing online. The map contains information about the latest results of the participants. The client can evaluate the current form of the animals and their competitiveness in the race.

Also, consider the following factors:

  • pay some attention to what distances the one-hoofed usually runs;
  • look at the date of the last run. Sprinters need a break between starts. Therefore, it is desirable that the previous competition for such a horse was a month ago or earlier. Steers, on the other hand, do not need much rest between competitions;
  • watch the jockey’s weight. For the success of the animal in the race, it must be minimal;
  • check out the track coverage. Some animals achieve different results depending on the type of venue of the competition!

When choosing a winning bet, you should know that horse racing bets have their own characteristics. Spread betting differed from other sports.

The main types of rates include:

  1. win. The winner of the event is determined. A bettor must predict which animal will cross the finish line first. However, you can also bet on the outsider. The capper selects a one-hoofed that is not expected to win and bets that it will definitely not win the tournament. Even if the horse comes second, the bet is won, but the odds for such an outcome are quite low;
  2. place. A simplified variation of the first bet. Capper, as before, looks for a favourite and bets on him, but it is enough for the one-hoofed to be among the prize places, which depends on the specific event. If there are 8 horses, your favourite must finish first or second, and if there are more than 14 competitors, then the prize pool for finishers consists of four places;
  3. double. Capper guesses two animals that he thinks will win two different races. Something like an express;
  4. double-double. The bet assumes that the bettor will guess four winners of the event;
  5. exacta. The capper determines not only the winner of the competition but also the runner-up!

Historic competition

Chennai tournament has a long history. More than once they suspended their hiatus. At the current stage, these competitions are held annually and are the joy of many bettors.

The best-purebred animals are involved in the tournaments, and the process of competitions and bets on them are available in any corner of the world