How to Make a Successful Bet on Delhi Horse Race

India is known due to its passion and involvement in competitive sports. South Asia has given the world a huge variety of sports that have won love around the world. Hindus have always highly valued animals due to their beauty and grace. What animal can compare with horses in their ability to enchant the audience?

It is thanks to this that horse racing is very popular all over the world, and especially in India. Races of different levels and formats are held all over the country. The largest and most prestigious occur naturally in Delhi.

Delhi is the capital of India and, accordingly, the center of cultural, business and religious life. Thanks to this, the Delhi Horse Race is distinguished by its scope and popularity. If there is a better place to bet on mount racing, it is in Delhi!

What is the Delhi Horse Race?

The capital of India is famous for its prestigious sports complexes, chic hippodromes, and luxurious VIP guests lodges. The daily races are organized to the highest standard and take place near the office of the Prime Minister, which is 800 meters from the venue.

The history of charger racing in Delhi dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the capital was moved from Calcutta to its current location. Many Britons then purchased plots of land due to the construction of houses and special British institutions.

The famous British architect Edward Lutyens designed the first hippodrome which was intended to host the royal races. In 1940, there was a registered official organization that organized tournaments. This allowed the Delhi Race Club to start active work.

Delhi Horse Race Club is located in a historical and prestigious area, where a large number of attractions such as Safdarjang’s Tomb are concentrated. This area attracts a huge number of tourists and wealthy people. Most of them somehow get to the races and make bets. This ensures a high level of popularity of the event and, accordingly, increases the profitability of the odds.

The exclusive members of the club are about 800 members, the wealthiest and most influential people in India. In addition to them, about 4,000 spectators can get to the hippodrome, who pay dearly to get an entrance ticket.

That is why online betting is so popular on the Delhi Horse Race because you don’t have to stand in an entrance line, be a member of special clubs, and travel to a prestigious area of ​​the capital for a long time.

All you have to do is open your bookmaker’s website and select the Live stream section, which will give you direct access to high-quality live streaming, besides that you can also wager and earn money at the same time! Such a prospect is much more attractive!

The racing season in Delhi starts in August and ends in April and is divided into two stages:

  1. Monsoon season – takes place from August to October annually, this period falls during the monsoon season, which greatly limits the racing opportunities, forcing the number of contests to be reduced to 6-7 daily per 10 days;
  2. The Winter season – takes place from November to April every year, the most popular period, after the end of the monsoon season, allowing more open-air racing, with an unlimited number of events during about 30 days of racing, this is the period that is most profitable in online betting!

Pay close attention to choosing the right time to place your wager. Obviously, a prediction made in the winter season will be more profitable due to the higher odds, since more people will be participating in the wagering.

Familiarize yourself with the habits of the chosen mount, as some animals are especially sensitive to weather changes.

Last Season Results

The 2021/2022 season has passed with the usual scope and brilliance. The best chargers pleased the eye of a thousandth audience, and up to a million people watched online.

The most famous jockeys and coaches took part in the contest by holding a series of challenges in various formats.

Let’s take a look at the standings of the most popular contests held in Delhi.

1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize

Coach: Rajinder

Jockey: Akash Rajput  


       Interval: 1¾ lengths

Jockey: Praveen Saini  


Interval: 4¾ lengths

Jockey: Shrikant Kamble


From this table you can see the most successful jockeys and the names of their chargers. It can be concluded that jockey Akash Rajput has become a clear favorite, and the second contender in the championship is Praveen Saini.

If you are offered to wager on one of these athletes next season, then such a prediction is more likely to be successful.

1-st Prize 2-nd Prize 3-rd Prize
Girl PowerCoach: A Khan

Jockey: Akash Rajput    


             Excellent Girl

       Interval: 2¼ lengths

Jockey: Aman 

              Dashing Glow

Interval: 4 1/2 lengths

Jockey: Shrikant Kamble


From this table, we can see that jockey Akash Rajput defended his title and again became the highest scoring rider, which proves his worth and skill. In this regard, bets on it will be more reliable and profitable.

Always study the analytics of previous contests to identify clear favorites and underdogs. It’s important to know that most bookmakers offer to bet not only on the most successful contestants, but vice versa. Therefore, knowing the expected performance of the jockey and his mount, you can bet on low performance and earn good dividends!

Season 2022/2023 Fixtures

The season has already started and is gradually gaining momentum. It is still too early to talk about clear favorites and contenders for the championship. However, analysts and experienced bettors say that the most anticipated day of the entire season is the third-degree event called the North Indian Derby, which takes place as part of the Delhi Horse Race Club.

This event will take place as part of the winter season and is a mile race. Analysts advise making predictions on proven jockeys who can find contact with an animal and overcome the path in the least amount of time. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the performance of all the mounts declared for participation in the format.

Bookmakers offer high odds for the following contests:

  • Panipat Plate;
  • Hisar Plate;
  • Constitution of India Plate;
  • Winter Plate;
  • North India 1000 Guineas!

Each of these contests is operated by the Delhi Horse Race Club and is available for online wagering.

Experienced players are advised to get acquainted with more detailed statistics for each format separately and determine their favorites.

The most reliable types of wagers are predictions for the best jockey, the best trainer, the best mount, and the best lap. Bets on the worst results of the championship are very profitable.

Tips to Сhoose Betting Site to Gamble on Delhi Horse Race

Betting on local Indian contests is very profitable, as they have much more profitable odds and attract a huge number of viewers from within the country and from abroad.

Such events are also widespread among bookmakers and have very favorable conditions for players. Let’s find out which brokers provide the most favorable odds and attract the most players.

One of the most popular brokers in the world and in particular in South Asia is Parimatch. Thanks to an aggressive marketing policy and a reliable license, the broker quickly became one of the TOP representatives of the gambling industry. Customers note reliable customer support and the convenience of the site.

We found a lot of good reviews about the activities of the Betobet broker, which has been offering its services for several years. Due to the constant improvement of the site and online broadcasts, many users choose this company for staking on horse racing in India.

Along with these bookmakers, I would like to mention Betwinner, which is known to experienced bettors for its incredible bonuses and promotions that allow you to make successful predictions at a minimal cost.

You should also pay attention to Royal Panda, which is truly the leader of online betting in India. The best odds and Live staking are already waiting for their users on a convenient modern, and most importantly, safe platform!

A broker called ComeOn is also very popular. If you are looking for great options for online betting, then look no further than this company, as they offer a large list of payment methods that allow you to place bets instantly and use classic payment methods along with e-wallets.

Make Your Successful Horse Racing Bet and Win!

We are sure that our review will help you make the right decision and make a successful wager on South Asian events.

It’s important to know, that when choosing a bookmaker, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • modern site;
  • convenient application;
  • modern license;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • profitable odds!

A reliable bookmaker is the key to your safe betting!