Burghley TV's advice on choosing Dubai World Cup in horse race betting

Equestrian sport has long been considered a noble and elite sport. Discipline has always been associated with something chivalrous and great. This trend has continued nowadays. In the modern world, the idea has been slightly modified.

Today, besides simply watching the races, spectators prefer to delve deeper into the market. It applies to risky racing – betting on horse contests has become fashionable. Adrenaline and excitement drive many sports fans.

The desire to earn money also plays an important role. Newbie gamblers, when entering a new unexplored market, often get lost. First of all, it concerns the variety of racings, competitions, and tournaments.

It becomes challenging to make the right choice – where to start. The Dubai World Cup is exactly the championship that will help you enjoy gambling to the fullest. It stands on par with tournaments of the same level.

  • Royal Ascot;
  • Cheltenham Festival;
  • Epsom Derby;
  • Melbourne Cup;
  • Breeders Cup;
  • Grand National;
  • Caulfield Cup;
  • Cox Plate;
  • Kentucky Derby;
  • Preakness Stakes;
  • Belmont Stakes!

In addition, the player will definitely not be disappointed in this niche, and his desire to continue will only increase.

What is the Dubai World Cup Tournament

To have a clear idea about any racing in the world of sports, you need to get acquainted with its main and distinctive features. Thus, the player will have essential information that will help to accurately make the right choice when choosing a segment of reality.

The history of the formation of the championship

Horse racing in Dubai is one of the most popular sports. It gathers the best, professional and elite representatives. The first activities of this kind were carried out at the end of 1981. October, to be exact. The initiator of the organization was Sheikh Al Maktoum, as well as the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, the process of gaining popularity began. After 15 years, the first World Cup was held on the territory of the state. 11 horses took part in the competition. This racing laid the foundation concerning the long-term development of the discipline in the UAE. Over the years of holding the Cup in Dubai, the event has become one of the most important public holidays of the year.

Key description of the Dubai Cup

The championship, according to the classics, is held every year in the spring. The exact date of the racing is the last Saturday of March. The tradition was broken in 2020. The 25th season of the competition was scheduled for March 28th.

But at the beginning of the month, the organizers first announced a ban on visiting the racing themselves due to the coronavirus pandemic. Later, the race was completely canceled, and the festive 25th season was postponed to 2021.

Let’s talk a little about the components of the tournament. The contest includes nine group races. Meetings accept only high-class horses. Their age varies from three years. The length of a certain distance is different – some sites reach 1200 meters, and some – more than 3000 meters. The most important contest is held on a dirt surface, and its distance is set at 2000 meters.

Key feature Meaning
Creation year March 1981
Organizer Sheikh Al Maktoum, Country’s Vice President and Prime Minister
Classic holding date March, every year
Event type  Thoroughbred, flat activities
Surface coverage Dirt, soil
Location  Meydan Racecourse, UAE
Road distance 1200-3200 meters 
Prize fund  $12 Million 


In 2019, the organizers updated the size of the prize fund, increasing it to $12 million. Since then, the event has been considered the most expensive in the world.

An interesting fact about the tournament – the dress code

Have you ever met a championship, in which you must attend strictly in accordance with the dress code? It used to be that way. Now the severity of this paragraph has been slightly weakened. Competitors and their stallions may wear different equipment that is not prohibited by the format. Audiences love to dress up to make themselves known.

The meeting is considered secular. You can often meet visitors in evening dresses and formal suits. As we can see, elegance is evident in everything.

Recent competition seasons and results

We have already said that the races in the framework of the competition in question are traditionally held every year in March. The exception was 2020 when the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rest of the classic years were great. Let’s get acquainted with the main features and results of the seasons.

Season 2019 and its peculiarities

In 2019, events took place on March 30th. 2019 marked the 24th season of this tournament. The total prize pool was $12 million, of which the winner received more than $7 million. It was in 2019 that the prize pool was raised by $2 million.

The meeting became the most expensive on the planet. Talking about the winner and other prize-winners, first place was taken by a participant from North America.

Position Horse Jockey Money prize
1 Thunder Snow Christophe Soumillon $7,2 million
2 Gronkowski Oisin Murphy $2,4 million
3 Gunnevera Emisael Jaramillo $1,2 million
4 Pavel Joel Rosario $600 000
5 Audible Flavien Prat $360 000 
6 Yoshida José Ortiz $240 000


Thunder Snow in 2019 picked the winning title for the second year in a row. It received the title of the first participant to win twice in a row.

2020 didn’t turn out as expected

At the beginning of 2020, the whole world was shocked by the emergence of a new virus, which later became known as the coronavirus. The epidemic has turned into a pandemic. In such circumstances, it was very difficult for the organizers to keep everything under control.

Initially, the holding was planned to be held at the end of March. However, already in the first days of the month, the governmental agency announced some changes. It was planned to limit attendance of races by spectators.

But a few days later, the organizers came up with the news that the entire event was canceled for the 2020 season. It was this year that the 25th anniversary was to be celebrated. The celebration has been rescheduled for 2021.

What can be said about the season 2021

2021 hosted the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the championship? It happened after the cancellation and postponement in 2020. The next year the meetings came on March 27, according to tradition.

The prize fund and the winner’s share have not changed – $7 and $7.2 million, respectively. The winner was again a participant from North America.

Position Horse Jockey Money prize
1 Mystic Guide Luis Saez $7,2 million
2 Chuwa Wizard Keita Tosaki $2,4 million
3 Magny Course  William Buick $1,2 million
4 Hypothetical Mickael Barzalona $600 000
5 Salute The Soldier Adrie de Vries $360 000 
6 Jesus’ Team Joel Rosario $240 000


Two horses were not allowed to participate in the races – Great Scot, Military Law. They were disqualified before the start of all meetings. The reason was that they escaped from the cells.

The final season of 2022 highlights

In 2022, all events were held according to the classic rules – the tournament was held on March 26 in Meydan, Think, UAE. The coverage of all sites was dirt, and solid. The prize money has not changed since 2019.

Talking about prizes, the rating was distributed as follows.

Position Animal Rating Jockey Trainer
1 Country Grammer 8.12 B. Baffert F. Dettori
2 Hot Rod Charlie 8.16 D. O’Neill F. Prat
3 Chuwa Wizard 6.39 R. Okubo Y. Kawada
4 Life Is Good 7.75 T. Pletcher I. Ortiz, Jr.
5 Midnight Bourbon 8.10 S. Asmussen J. Ortiz


All stallions participating in the Top 5 rating are 4 years old and older, and gender is male.

Dubai World Cup schedule highlights in the 2023 season

The main feature of the tournament is that the country never changes its traditions. 2023 will also be launched in March. The exact start date is scheduled for March 25, 2023. The location of the races is also unchanged – Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, UAE. The purse of the championship remained the same – 12 million dollars, of which 7.2 would go to the winner.

The World Cup itself is the final race in a series of first-class ones. The current line-up includes 8 meetings. The race includes a Thoroughbred segment and a segment for Arabian Thoroughbreds.

Main meeting schedule

Beginning of season – Saturday, March 25th. The organizers have officially confirmed the start date of the new performing season. Approximate dates for specific performances are also announced.

Date Performance
Saturday, March 25th Official opening ceremony
Sunday, 26th Gold – Group 2
Sunday, 26th Sheema Classic – Group 1
Monday, 27th Golden Shaheen – Group 1
Monday, 27th Derby – Group 2 
Tuesday, 28th Godolphin Mile – Group 2
Tuesday, 28th Kahayla Classic – Group 1 (Arabian Pattern Stakes)
Wednesday, 29th Official closing ceremony, awarding the winners


Naturally, the schedule is only approximate and has not yet been officially announced. The official presentation of the timetable is planned for the beginning of the year.

Tentative list of entered runners

To make profitable bets on horse contests, you need to pay attention to the declared participants in advance. Gamblers should have enough time and money to conduct a qualitative analysis of upcoming performances.

It is necessary to evaluate the current form of the horse, jockey, and trainer. In 2023, the participants of the championship will be:

Name Country Age Trainer
Life is Good USA Todd Pletcher
Hot Rod Charlie USA 4 Doug O’Neill
Mandaloun USA Brad H Cox
Mystic Guide USA Michael Stidham
Magny Cours USA 7 A Fabre
Real World Italy 5 Saeed bin Suroor
Chuwa Wizard Japan 7 Ryuji Okubo
Salute the Soldier Germany 7 Fawzi Abdulla Nass


All declared stallions performed quite well in past seasons and won titles.

Knowing the approximate declared participants of the competition, the bettor can easily evaluate their past performances. This fact will help to make the correct analysis and forecast for the upcoming performances. It is always necessary to be interested not only in the geographical and temporal features of the competition. Think ahead and get to know the participants.

The best representatives – participant analysis importance

We don’t think much needs to be said about the importance of competitor analysis. Thoughtless bets are very rarely winning (except by coincidence). A clear and thoughtful strategy is the main key to triumphant results in the final.

The 2022 season turned out to be very bright and memorable. Many colorful performances, unexpected turns of meetings, and triumphant victories.

Country Grammer certainly became the brightest representative. As a result, it took first place in the ranking and the main prize of the tournament – $ 12 million. Bob Baffert, jockey of the steed, did his best for this victory. In total, Baffert won his fourth victory.

Many animals lost their places in the quarter-final. This is about Life Is Good. Life Is Good was able to come first in several segments – Dirt Mile and Pegasus. But in the end, something prevented us from maintaining a stunning result further.

The participant gave up and took fourth place, receiving a prize of 600,000 USD. The fourth place came as a surprise as the contestant was the clear favorite and the fans were expecting more.

Doug O’Neill led his subordinate Hot Rod Charlie to second place in the rankings. The gap was just under two miles. The performance turned out to be quite difficult for the participant and very unexpected on the part of the audience.

Third place went to Chuwa Wizard. The victory is well-deserved and desired. Kawada has made every effort to reach such a high position in the rankings.

Midnight Bourbon rounded out the top five with an average spot in the rankings. However, this did not prevent jockey Asmussen from getting the title of the best jockey of the season at the end of the competition.

Dettori, coach of Country Grammer, was awarded the title of the best coach of the period. It is difficult to call this a surprise since his subordinate took first place in the rating list.

Why is it profitable to bet on the Dubai World Cup?

In modern society, there are a lot of different types of horse racing competitions and competitions. The huge interest and demand for activities have grown before and continues to grow. There is an incredible number of different opportunities that are open to gamblers around the world. If before you could only enjoy playing on the field, now the situation has completely changed.

With the advent of the era of technological progress and its rapid growth, some things have changed their character. The enjoyment of sports activities has moved from physical locations to the internet.

Moreover, the harmless past sports disputes have taken on a completely different dimension. Bookmakers have definitely not lost sight of this market. Bookmakers immediately took into account the growing interest in sports discipline. Today, there are many types of bets that bring gamblers big triumphant winnings.

Main bid types

The Dubai World Cup is no exception. The main bookmakers have a wide range of offers for every taste and color:

  • Performance winner – the horse will definitely come to the finish line first;
  • Losing participant – the horse would definitely not come to the finish line first;
  • Getting into the top 3/top 5/top 10 – a bet on the exact hit of the favorite in the selected rating;
  • Forecast – a bet on two favorites at once. The gambler chooses who, in his opinion, will come to the finish line first and second. Either a random sequence or an exact prediction works here;
  • Duel – a bet on which of the selected group of participants would finish first and who will finish last;
  • Finish – a bet on whether the chosen favorite will go all the way without leaving the race!

Such a wide range of offers from each bookmaker gives absolute freedom of action to the bettor. There is something for every player to choose from. The main task is to be able to clearly analyze the situation in the upcoming meetings and draw conclusions. Not every bet is suitable for every event.

The tournament in question is mega popular all over the planet. It is he who attracts the attention of all bookmakers, betting platforms, as well as all gamblers.

A high-class championship determines the bid’s fate

If a bettor wants to be sure of the quality and positive outcome of his choice, he must follow certain rules. First of all, the rules concern the choice of the championship. Dubai Cup offers all possible winning options without much risk and with the maximum portion of pleasure.

It’s time to act right now. Before the start of the new period, there is still enough time to get acquainted with the necessary materials. It is important to remember – no hasty decisions, only deliberate actions.

This formula allows you to be successful in betting on horse racing.