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Which Horse Wagers Should You Make?

If you have ever attempted to wager horse racing you may have been shocked to find so many different options. Unfortunately, not all strategies are made equal with some offering great value while others you should avoid like the plague. To help you win some cash we are going to look at the most profitable horse racing bets you can make today!

Are Single Horse Racing Wagers Worth It?

When people first start gambling on thoroughbred events they usually start with a single bet as it is available on every race and simple. With a single bet, you can gamble on a particular thoroughbred winning the race or even predict that they will place (1st or 2nd). When gambling on a thoroughbred to win outright you can receive some juicy odds and while a place bet does not offer as high rewards it is much less risky. We recommend first-time horse events gamblers stick to single gambles until you become comfortable enough to try out some more exotic strategies!

What Is A Double Wager?

With this strategy, you place the money on multiple thoroughbreds to win or place in different events. Your gamble only pays out if both horses manage to win or place. For example, if you gamble on thoroughbred A in race 1 and thoroughbred B in race 2 but only thoroughbred A wins, your bet loses. This is a great way to turn a standard single bet into a big payout, however, you need to be aware of the extra risk as you are now predicting two events instead of one.

Should You Make Treble Wagers?

If you aren’t satisfied with the payout you receive from your double gamble you can increase your odds by making a treble bet. With it, you gamble on 3 thoroughbreds in unique events and your wager only wins if all of your predictions come true. With a treble bet, you gamble on thoroughbreds to place or win outright. A treble wager is far more exciting than a standard gamble and with just a small stake you win some serious cash!
Treble wagers are considered long-shot as the chance of getting all of your legs correct is low. This is why we recommend keeping your stake low when trying out trebles and make sure you include at least one strong favorite in the gambling slip to help reduce your risk!

What Is A Trixie?

A Trixie bet is an exotic one that is incredibly popular with thoroughbred racing gamblers as it allows you to gamble on multiple different events all at the exact same time! comprises three selections running in different horse events. A Trixie prediction is made up of 3 x doubles and 1 x treble and payouts out if at least two of your predictions are correct. If you manage to hit every single one of your Trixie bets you will go home a very rich man!

Are Accumulators Worth It?

Accumulators are just like trebles and doubles but they must include at least 4 legs which means you have to gamble on four thoroughbreds and four different events. Accumulators are the only type where you can potentially win hundreds of thousands or even millions from a stake as low as $100. The returns on offer are completely crazy especially if you place your money on 10 more events. However, accumulators are essentially like lottery tickets as the chance of predicting so many different races is pretty slim but they are worth a shot especially if you are feeling lucky!

Choose The Next Horse Event!

Now you know what the best strategies are, it is time to pick an event and fill out your betting slip. Remember to start with a small deposit and try your luck from there!

Horse Racing Gambling For Beginners!

Betting on horses can be an amazing hobby and if you do it right it can even earn you some extra cash. However, when you are first getting started it can be a little bit confusing. To help you out we put together a beginner’s guide which will ensure that you have a great time when gambling on the next big event!

How Do You Start Wagering On Horse Racing?

Before you begin actually placing wagers on thoroughbred racing you should first familiarize yourself with the sport. The best way to do this is to watch some races on TV or even head down to your local racetrack and watch some events live. Once you get a feel for horse racing and understand how the sport works you then can begin making bets. Remember to also pay attention to the different jargon used so don’t end up picking a thoroughbred who is not in the money (an animal that does not place in the top 3 due to a bounce (an unexpectedly poor performance from a horse after a strong showing at a previous competition).
To start gambling on thoroughbred events you need to first find an online sportsbook. Luckily, there are plenty of online betting sites that let you bet on events from around the world including the US, Australia, and Hong Kong. Remember when choosing an online wagering site make sure the platform is licensed, has a range of secure payment methods, and also offers some lucrative welcome bonuses for new players!
Once you have found a sportsbook that will take your bets you need to check out the racing markets. It is incredibly popular and you will have lots of different events to choose from. It is most entertaining to bet on major horse races such as the Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Dubai Cup, and the Breeders’ Cup. These events not only offer incredible odds but they are amazing spectacles that are worth tuning in for! After selecting a particular event you then need to decide which type of wager you need to make!

What Wager Should You Make On Horse Events?

When you are first starting to gamble on this sport, you should stick to single bets which involve making wagers on single horses in single events. These wagers are simple and have the lowest risk. The common form of single bets include:
Win – Bet on an animal to win the entire event outright. Only if your thoroughbred takes first place does your wager payout.
Place – If your thoroughbred comes either first or second you win. A place wager does not pay as much as a winning wager but the risk is reduced.
Show – If your thoroughbred comes first, second or third you win. Show wagers have by far the lowest payout of any single wager but they are also less risky.
We recommend beginner gamblers who want to maximize their chance of winning should place show wagers on horses who are favored to win. By placing show wagers your risk is reduced and then by backing a thoroughbred that is expected to win you further increase your chance of winning. Of course, you can’t expect to become rich from such a safe bet but the chances of losing your stake are very low!

Bet Now!

After checking out our intro guide to the great world of horse event gambling you have more than enough knowledge to start making bets. Just create an account at a sportsbook, deposit, select an event and place a wager, it really is that easy! Good luck!

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