Kentucky Derby — learn more about horse racing and bet

Today horse racing has become widely spread and that’s why various tournaments held around the globe gather millions of spectators and bettors. The rules of the game are quite simple, though the performance is very spectacular, maybe, it’s a secret of such popularity. Despite there is a heap of competitions, the Kentucky Derby stands out.

Being set in the US it is famous further abroad. It’s hard even to describe how many jockeys dream of taking part here. Let’s dig into the case and reveal the main aspects to be able to bet correctly.

Kentucky Derby — origin and general features

It is a horse race in which thoroughbred cloven hoofs aged 3 years and older participate. The tournament was first held in Louisville, so it occurs every year in this city. The occasion takes place in May and was only postponed in 2020 to September because of Covid-19 and no-one could visit the running.

It is also referred to as «Rose Race» as the winning animal is adorned with a garland of 554 roses.

This is the first stage of the American Triple Crown, followed by Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Of the three triple crown events, the occasion has been characterized by being continuously run for 144 years until 2020.

Participation here seems to be the TOP priority in North America and generally exceeds taking part in all other occasions, including the Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes and Breeders’ Cup. Lot’s of celebrities, sportsmen, art stars and politicians enjoy this competition too.

Historical backstage

In the 19th century, Colonel Merivater Lewis Clark Junior came to England and visited Epsom in Surrey, where the running was held each year. Upon returning to Kentucky, Clark formed the Louisville Jockey Club to raise funds to build quality racing facilities on the outskirts of the city.

The track became known as Churchill Downs soon, in honor of John and Henry Churchill, who provided the land for the circuit. At the beginning the tournament ran 12 stages of 2.4 km over the same distance as the Epsom competition before changing the length to its current 10 stages of 2 km.

Although the first competition was successful, the track faced financial difficulties. Business failed in 1902 until Colonel Matt Winn set up a syndicate in Louisville to acquire the facility. As a result it transformed into the most important horse racing event in North America. Later the date of setting was changed to the first Saturday in May. Such a change allows a schedule to be set for Triple Crown races.


Not long ago the tournament allowed jockeys to wear corporate advertising logos on their clothing as a result of a court ruling. Thus Norman Adams, Fast Food Yum! Brands, Inc. and Woodford Reserve had the opportunity to fill out the trading agreement with the tournament and sell various products.


It is an event where hundreds of famous dresses come in the most organized way possible, you will never fail if you want to fit in at this event. Even clothing brands like Vineyard Vines are launching their collection for the Kentucky Derby.

The occasion consists of mint drinks and betting all day long on different races. In many bars they host themed parties for all uses you should and shouldn’t go.

Besides the race itself, various traditions play an essential role in the atmosphere of the event. The Julepe Mint, which is a cold drink made of bourbon, mint and simple syrup, is a traditional occasion drink. The historic drink is served in a chilled silver cup.

As we have mentioned above, the tournament is often referred to as the «Rose Race» because each year a reward of 554 red roses is awarded to the winner of the competition. The tradition originated in 1883, when New York high society gave E. Berry Wall roses to women at an after-party.

Churchill Downs’ founder and president, Colonel M. Lewis Clark, attended the event. It is believed that this gesture gave Clark the idea to make the rose the official color of the run. Although it was not until 1896 that all recorded stories relating to the hanging of Rose by the winner were recorded. The Governor of Kentucky provides a garland and trophy for the Kentucky Derby.

Also in the weeks leading up to the race, there are several events at the themed Festival. The thunderstorm over Louisville, air show and fireworks usually kick off the holiday two weeks before the classic.
But if you can’t go to a classic or a themed party, don’t worry and try to make profit with bets on best animals and jockeys. We will tell you later on how to do it correctly.

Previous results of tournament (2020, 2021, 2022)

To be able to analyze all the participants and make right predictions, you have to pay special attention to the previous performance of jockeys and cloven hoofs and the previous results (features) of the latest tournaments. To simplify the task, here are three tables with complete results below. Enjoy!

Results of the 2020 event

Place Cloven hoof Jockey Ranking
1 Authentic J. Velazquez 8.17
2 Tiz the Law M. Franco 8.17
3 Mr. Big News G. Saez 6.36
4 Honor A. P. M. Smith 7.27
5 Max Player R. Santana, Jr. 6.95
6 Storm The Court J. Leparoux 6.52
7 Enforceable A. Beschizza 6.59
8 Ny Traffic P. Lopez 6.50
9 Necker Island M. Mena 6.09
10 Major Fed J. Graham 6.19
11 Sole Volante L. Panici 6.64
12 Winning Impression J. Rocco, Jr. 4.09
13 Money Moves J. Castellano 5.08
14 Attachment Rate J. Talamo 6.03
15 South Bend T. Gaffalione 5.62

Results of the 2021 event

Place Cloven hoof Jockey Ranking
1 Mandaloun F. Geroux 8.60
2 Hot Rod Charlie F. Prat 8.16
3 Essential Quality L. Saez 8.16
4 O Besos M. Pedroza 6.58
5 Midnight Bourbon M. Smith 8.10
6 Keepmeinmind D. Cohen 6.03
7 Helium J. Leparoux 6.82
8 Known Agenda I. Ortiz, Jr. 7.88
9 Highly Motivated J. Castellano 7.06
10 Sainthood C. Lanerie 6.47
11 Like the King D. Van Dyke 6.53
12 Bourbonic K. Carmouche 6.05
13 Hidden Stash R. Bejarano 6.12
14 Brooklyn Strong U. Rispoli 6.46
15 Super Stock R. Santana, Jr. 6.41
16 Rock Your World J. Rosario 7.21
17 Dynamic One J. Ortiz 5.105
18 Soup and Sandwich T. Gaffalione 6.68
19 Medina Spirit J. Velazquez 8.09

Results of the 2022 event

Place Cloven hoof Jockey Ranking
1 Rich Strike S. Leon 7.17
2 Epicenter J. Rosario 8.18
3 Zandon F. Prat 8.03
4 Simplification J. Ortiz 7.50
5 Mo Donegal I. Ortiz, Jr. 7.30
6 Barber Road R. Gutierrez 7.38
7 Tawny Port R. Santana, Jr. 6.21
8 Smile Happy C. Lanerie 6.97
9 Tiz the Bomb B. Hernandez, Jr. 6.05
10 Zozos M. Franco 6.83
11 Classic Causeway J. Leparoux 6.60
12 Taiba M. Smith 6.87
13 Crown Pride C. Lemaire 6.90
14 Happy Jack R. Bejarano 5.04
15 Messier J. Velazquez 6.81
16 White Abarrio T. Gaffalione 7.32
17 Charge It L. Saez 7.05
18 Cyberknife F. Geroux 8.01
19 Pioneer of Medina J. Bravo 5.71
20 Summer Is Tomorrow M. Barzalona 5.59


So point out who was the leader, who appeared more than once, who gained more scores and achieved better ranking.All these details are crucial to analyze the stats and highlight the possible new leader. Though don’t forget that sometimes underdogs win and do it dramatically, so a strategy to bet on favorites constantly is losing. What to do? Read out our basic tips below.

Fixtures of the 2022-2023 season

The tournament is set each year in May, so that the next Kentucky Derby is planned on 3rd-7th of May, 2023. The competition will return to Churchill Downs with the Oaks that Friday and the 148th Rose Races, the 2023 Kentucky Derby, the next day.

TOP jockeys and cloven hoofs of 2022

It’s quite difficult to underline the best representatives of the last tournament, but point on the performers who placed in the leding four positions. Not each of them were considereв to be leaders at the beginning, but because of gooв physical shape, great motivation, experience and excellent coach work, they were marked as winners.

Never neglect weather circumstances and the track particularities, because frequently some cloven hoofs are better adapted to windy runs with obstacles than to a flat racing, to give an example. In 2022 Rich Strike, Epicenter and Zandon brought their jockeys and coaches victories. Why? Try to analyze the stats. Let it be your homework.

How to bet on the Kentucky Derby? Why is it lucrative?

In general in this sport information is a very important point when predicting horse races. So to bet on our event you have to get aware of basic things like studying and analyzing stats and other data. One of the common tools to use in the discipline is the occasional program. Learning how to read such programs is an important step if you want to earn money betting.

At the top of the program you may always find information about the name of the circuit where the event is held, the race number and the time of the competition.You can also include other parameters such as distance of the incline, terrain or the records achieved by other racers.

Below the most up-to-date information about horses, their jockeys and coaches is located. Other aspects of the cloven hoofs are also included, such as the number of the stable and street they occupy, gender, weight, wool or age. All these factors can have a big impact on your predictions.

Of course, it’s a basic tool, and to have more complete stats you need to pay attention to the animal’s recent results and earnings, which you can check in the history with its previous results on the Internet or even in the same program!

Also, in most programs you can see an image with the color the jockey is wearing in the race, so you can identify it more easily when you are competing with other jockeys.

Knowing the details like an animal’s name can also help you to know your horse racing odds and find out which option is better in your horse racing predictions.

Tips to mind to bet

Racing tips depend on many factors. Firstly, you should know that the future winnings you will receive depend on the predictions you make when you find a winning cloven hoof.

You are free to make predictions in the form of straight bets, express bids or combination stakes. This way, you may choose which position the horse will be in:

  1. first;
    The cloven hoof finishes the race as a winner.
  2. second;
    The animal finishes the race first or second.
  3. third;
    It finishes the race in one of the first three places.
  4. total victory.
    You only win your bet if the participant finishes first, second or third.

On the other hand, combination jump stakes may also make different types of predictions. They can be exact, imperfect, triple, quadruple or double and can significantly increase your

In the exact combination type, you must choose which animals will cross the finish line first and second in the exact order, and in the imperfect order of the first two, the order of the first two
is not an issue.

How to select a betting site?

Once you have learned how to gamble on the sport, you will be able to make predictions. But do not rush, because to bet on horse racing online, you must choose a bookmaker.

Here is some basic tips to follow to select the most appropriate option:

  • Welcome bonus
    Many operators want to attract new customers with welcome promotions. These bonuses can be an addition to your racing predictions. That is why it is significant to choose a sports bonus that suits you and is not too difficult to bet on.
  • Range of offers
    The more extensive the online bookmaker’s offers are, the better it is for your predictions, as there are more options and you don’t always have to gamble on the same performer.
  • High odds
    Odds are necessary to determine the profit you will make if your predictions are correct. Look for the bookmaker that has the highest chance of getting your picks.
  • Secondary shares
    Some betting sites offer secondary shares to their customers. They consist of bonuses like free stakes, refunds or increased odds. You can use these bonuses to predict.
  • Mobile app
    The mobile app offers faster and easier access to your trusted wireless service bookmaker. In addition, it allows you to gamble anytime, anywhere by simply accessing the internet and having your funds in your account.

All in all, it’s highly important to stop on the right path as badly reputed and not reliable companies may cheat on you and steal the money.

To sum up: to bet or not to bet?

Of course, it is up to each gambler. Therу is no unique answer to do this or not. If you feel you are ready to try your fortune and earn extras — let’s get it started! You have to follow some strategies and puzzle out all the bids’ types to succeed.

Understanding of complex factors to influence the result of the competitions plays a significant role too. Never forget about the necessity to learn and study, analyze and mind the risks.


Here 20 horses have a unique opportunity to compete. To earn a place in the starting gate, they must perform a series of designated tracks across the country and around the world. Points are awarded to the TOP four finishers in each run.

The occasion has an entry fee of $25,000. To qualify for the Kentucky Derby, horses must be nominated. The fee for an early nomination is $600 and for a late nomination is $6000.

A positive drug test has been confirmed for Medina Spirit. Churchill Downs has suspended foal trainer Bob Buffert from the Hall of Fame for two years, and the colt faces disqualification as a Derby winner.

For your first trip to the Kentucky Derby, there are a few things to remember to help you decide on seating, hotel accommodation and transportation.

There is no strict answer. To see competing with your own eyes is more pleasant and curious, but the variety of betting opportunities let any gambler chill out just sitting on home sofa.