How to Make a Successful Bet on Melbourne Cup

Horse Racing is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many of the most common sports have already become boring between experienced players and they were looking for something more elegant and beautiful. They found it in horse racing!

No event in the world can compare in beauty and grace with similar competitions. Today we’ll try to understand why predictions of the format have become so common among bettors and find out how to make profitable successful wagers. We have also taken a look at one of the most prestigious world-class events called the Melbourne Cup.

The competition annually gathers thousands of spectators and attracts millions of fans to watch the races via the Internet or television. Such excitement could not but affect the profitability of the coefficients and thus raised the rating of the event to the skies, which makes staking on it extremely profitable.

We’ll give you tips on how to choose the best games to bet on and which formats are not likely to be successful. We’ll also look at the results of the past season and try to predict what betting enthusiasts expect next year.

Our review contains all the necessary information on how to make your bets on Melbourne Cup format profitable and safe. After all, staking security is the main factor affecting online gambling.

About Melbourne Cup

A huge number of racing enthusiasts around the world often do not agree on the characteristics of different breeds of mounts or the performance of jockeys, but all experts agree that the annual Melbourne Cup tournament is a prestigious world-class event that brings together the most thoroughbred chargers in one place.

Thanks to the high level of organization and long history, the event has a first-class reputation, which ensures the attention of the highest strata of society, which ensures good funding and correspondingly high odds. Because the higher the level of competition, the higher the stakes.

The history of the championship begins back in 1861 on November 7th. There are many written and oral memories of that day. The first contest of the format was preceded by the deaths of two well-known explorers, Wills and Burke, which greatly upset the people of Australia, and therefore a record low turnout was expected.

From the memoirs of a steward who worked at the competition, named Frederick Standish, it can be concluded that more than 4,000 people came to watch the first contests, which is an unthinkable figure at the time.

The prize fund of the first event was only 710 pounds sterling and gold hours, but after a couple of years, the status of the championship and the prize money increased significantly.

The length of the first race was 3,219 meters, and so it continued until Australia officially adopted the metric system in 1972. In this regard, the distance was reduced to 3200 meters. This interesting fact will help you understand race conditions more clearly and make better predictions.

The first race was an unprecedented and spectacular event. Two jockeys fell out of the saddle and crashed to their deaths, and the winner was an obvious outsider named Archer. With his victory, he ruined the then bookmakers, and after that, he won another tournament in the neighborhood.

In connection with such extraordinary events, the next tournament was awaited with extraordinary trepidation.

The following year, more than 7,000 people gathered to watch the races, and the prize fund increased to 810 sovereigns.

Each subsequent year began to attract an increasing number of spectators, and songs and poems were composed about the participants. Based on the poems dedicated to horse racing called Tim Whiffler, several chargers were named that took part in the races, one of them still came to the finish line first, extremely pleased with the author Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Horse racing soon became an integral part of Melbourne’s city life. And in 1873, the city leadership announced the Race Day was henceforth a state and bank holiday.

The race is now an annual handicap and the format has changed significantly over the 100 years.

The main innovation was that mounts from abroad were allowed to participate, which made it possible to diversify the annual composition of participants and attract additional investments.
In addition, women are allowed to participate in the competition. Thus in 2001 the race was won by mare Ethereal from New Zealand, coached by Sheila Laxon.

Maree Lyndon was the first woman to compete as a rider. She finished 21st in the 1981 season.

The race of 2005 was watched by a record number of spectators of more than 107,000. The period was also marked by the victory of Makybe Diva, who became the winner of the race for the third time. It was truly an incredible event. Those betting enthusiasts who bet on it received a truly solid fee.

2021 Season Results

After we get acquainted with the history of the cup, let’s learn more about the current state of affairs. To begin with, it is best to familiarize yourself with the results of the last season of 2021, since the favorite and the winner of the league will most likely take part in the next year’s competitive season and wagers on them will have very favorable odds from online bookmakers.

The 2021 season has become 161 contests since its inception in 1861. The venue was Flemington Stadium. The first prize the jockeys competed for was A$8 million.

From the results of the competition we can conclude: a record was set. Championship winner mare Verry Elleegant cleared the 18 barrier for the first time in history.

Let’s get acquainted with the performance table of the participants, and try to find out why exactly this line-up became the winner of the race.

1-st Place 2-nd Place 3-rd Place
Horse Verry Elleegant Incentivise Spanish Mission
Jockey James McDonald Brett Prebble Craig Williams
Trainer Chris Waller Peter G Moody Andrew Balding


As you can tell, a mare named Verry Elleegant led by New Zealand jockey James McDonald took the lead in the race.

Moreover, for this victory, the jockey was awarded the title of Rider of the Year 2021. It is worth remembering that he owes much success to the legendary coach Chris Waller, who is included in the Australian Trainers Hall of Fame and has already received awards due to first-class mount training four times.

The runner-up jockey is also noteworthy as he is the 2012 champion who has won more than 1200 victories in total in different championships throughout his career. His candidacy should also not be discounted when you choose a jockey in order to place a wager online.

Jockey third-place finisher Craig Williams has also already taken the top honors in Melbourne 2019.

2022 season Fixtures

The 2022 season promises to be hot. Analysts say: it is difficult to predict who could become the winner of this format.

The competitive season could begin on the first Tuesday of November 2022.

The most anticipated events of the tournament are:

  • the Group 3 Darley Maribyrnong Plate;
  • Group 3 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Stakes;
  • Listed Resimax Group Subzero Handicap!

Keep in mind: the bookmakers usually inflate the odds before the start of the event, so make sure to make your prediction in advance!

Also take care to know in advance the past performance of your favorites and find the reliable bookmaker having the necessary license to accept bets online. Also, a great advantage will be the possibility of Live betting and the availability of online broadcasts, which will allow you to enjoy the races and earn on bets at the same time.

TOP Jockeys of the Season

It is very useful to find out information about the top participants who are the main contenders for first place in the race.

Let’s look at the TOP 3 jockeys who will fight in the championship in November 2022.

At the moment, the top three are as follows:

  • Hugh Bowman;
  • James McDonald;
  • Kerrin McEvoy!

Many experienced bettors know these names thanks to their many years of successful activity as riders in various world-class tournaments.

Let’s take a look at the top spot on our list. Hugh Bowman is an Australian-born rider who was a longtime jockey for the Winx mount from 2014 until her retirement in 2019. During his career, he managed to win the South Wales Championship four times, and in 2017 he was awarded the award as the best jockey in the world by Longines.

Many people know him by the nickname King. This rider knows how to properly handle a charger and will certainly show brilliant results in the 2022 season.

James McDonald is a current member of the New Zealand Hall of Fame. And in 2021 he became the winner of the Melbourne Cup. He is known for his love of Thoroughbreds and his will to win. He has won the group stages more than 66 times.

Kerrin McEvoy is another 2022 contender with three Melbourne Cup victories in 2000, 2016 and 2018. Such solid experience makes him a worthy opponent for previous athletes.

Why is Betting on the Melbourne Cup Profitable?

Experienced bettors and sports analysts unanimously declare: online wagering on horse racing is experiencing a rebirth. With high quality streams and a wide range of betting options, horse racing predictions are more profitable than ever.

Betting on the Melbourne Cup is all the more profitable due to its popularity and wide coverage in the press, television and the Internet. This provides a large influx of betting enthusiasts, which allows you to increase the odds.

Let’s take a look at which predictions bring the most benefit to today’s betting fans. First of all, it is worth noting the presence of a huge number of different formats of races and their regulations.

In events involving overcoming obstacles, it is best to choose a reliable mount, and a rider who knows how to manage and feel the animal at the proper level. Don’t pay attention to the jockey’s weight in this case, as it doesn’t have much effect on passing obstacles. It all depends primarily on the coordination of the horse and the rider.

In the same place where it is supposed to overcome certain distances at speed, it is best to choose just the most lightweight jockey, who could not burden the mare with excess weight. Sometimes information about the weight of an athlete is available on betting sites that offer to place a bet, but it is best to compare it with the statistics available on other analytical sites to be sure of your judgments.

A special type of bets are predictions on the best and worst performance. The approach requires detailed analytics and constant involvement in the process. Bets on the best charger can be very profitable, but risky due to the fact that the favorite is not always the winner.

In order to reduce the risks, you can bet on the horse that will come last. Such a prediction is much easier to make. After all, for this you need to find out which horses have been injured or sick recently, and which jockey has gained a couple of extra pounds.

These are critical indicators certainly to affect performance. Such bets may be less profitable, but they are always less risky, which will make gambling more even and safer.

The reliability of the chosen broker plays a key role in security. Let’s look at what you should pay attention to when choosing a reliable site for online betting and not fall into the trap of scammers.

Pay attention to the following features of the selected broker:

  • modern and original site;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • reliable international license;
  • financial regulation;
  • data encryption;
  • a wide range of available payment systems;
  • fast deposit/withdrawal of funds;
  • generous bonuses;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • a large number of reviews;
  • Live betting option!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and find out why they are so important when choosing a platform.

For successful gambling, first of all, you need to find a modern and unique site. Its originality could testify to the reliability of the service, since it is scammers who often try to copy the design of well-known brands in order to mislead gullible customers.

In addition, modern development principles help the service to function quickly and conveniently, which significantly increases the comfort level of the bettor. Comfortable gambling allows you to make more informed decisions and not be distracted by trifles related to technical problems.

A mobile application that functions equally well on various devices could help you always stay in touch with the chosen platform and make predictions wherever you are. Given the modern pace of life, often a mobile application becomes the only way to make successful bets. All you need to download the program is to go to the official website of the bookmaker.

The key point to be carefully monitored is to have a reliable license that you can trust. If a company is regulated by a reliable license, then every action on the site is monitored by international regulators, who will immediately respond to suspicious actions on the part of the service. This helps to keep the customer’s funds safe and prevent any fraudulent activity.

A very important factor is the availability of round-the-clock access to customer support. If you have a question, you can always ask for help. The most advanced services offer the ability to contact a chatbot, which eliminates the human factor and provides an almost instantaneous response speed.

Make You Horse Racing Bets and Profit!

We hope that our tips are helpful to you in order to make money on wagers on the Melbourne Cup.

Bets on such tournaments require endurance and high analytical skills. The main advice that can be given to a novice bettor is to avoid so-called emotional betting. Bets based on emotions and personal preferences are often unsuccessful. Even if such predictions are successful, such benefits could be short-term, and in the long run, can lead to high costs and frustration in gambling.

This is why follow the advice given in this review and carefully analyze the facts helping you to get an objective picture and make a successful and profitable prediction.

Many people around the world earn extra cash through horse racing and modern sites. The convenience of this method helps to earn from anywhere in the world at any time. Only you decide what to do and define the boundaries.

The convenience, simplicity, and elegance of this sport have already been recognized by millions of fans around the world! Become a part of this amazing world of horse racing!

The main thing is to find a reliable bookmaker, but you already know how to choose the best horse and rider! Become one of those who make money online betting on such a beautiful and fascinating sport as horse racing!