Mumbai horse race as an opportunity to bet

Online horse racing bets have become widespread and popular. Today you don’t need much to relax and receive a profit. There are a lot of tips to follow, though it’s crucial to be able to choose an appropriate event. Mumbai competitions seem to be perfect in this case.

Live nets on the courses may give beneficial results. Let’s find out more according to the occasion and learn how to select a suitable betting site.

Mumbai horse race: origin and concept

The Mahalakshmi racetrack, which is the permanent and official venue for the annual Mumbai races, is itself one of the finest racetracks in all of Asia. A testament to the excellent infrastructure of the Mahalakshmi track is the fact that no less than the Queen of England and the King of Saudi Arabia have been guests of honor at this annual event and showered it with high praise and recognition.

The Royal Western India Turf Club LTD is in charge of all the management of the Mahalakshmi track and the annual races. The Royal Western India Turf Club LTD is one of the oldest and currently one of the best racing clubs in India.

Membership here is available in various categories and is open to all Indian citizens from all walks of life. The only criterion for betting is that you must be at least 18 years old.

The huge lush greens surrounding the course attract crowds of health enthusiasts from nearby cities every morning for healthy runs and morning walks. But on major race days, including derby day, it is closed to the general public.

Overall, Mumbai’s annual competitions are one of the most popular events on the local annual sports calendar. Although it does not draw crowds of fans like popular sports such as cricket, it still has its charms and certainly prides itself on being one of the TOP horse racing events in the country.

Previous results of tournaments held

Mumbai occasions are considered to be significant in the horse racing world. That’s why lots of events are held each year. Mind that these competitions are celebrated usually in the winter period of the year.
Not to talk about anything, here is a table of recent results achieved in a measure of the Mumbai tournament.

2021-2022 performance to point out

Date Course Cloven-hoof Jockey Trainer Result
19.12.2021 THE DR. M. A. M. RAMASWAMY STAYERS` CUP  My Opinion Akshay Kuma B Suresh 24
19.12.2021 THE ZAVARAY S. POONAWALLA INDIAN TURF INVITATION CUP  Alluring Silver Suraj Narredu P Shroff 60
19.12.2021 THE VILLOO C. POONAWALLA INDIAN 1000 GUINEAS Miracle P S Chouhan P Shroff 24
19.12.2021 THE SURESH MAHINDRA MULTI-MILLION Ashwa Bravo Suraj Narredu M Srinivas Reddy 12.42
19.12.2021 THE MAJ. P. K. MEHRA MEMORIAL SUPER MILE CUP Cosmic Ray A Sandesh S S Attaollahi 24
19.12.2021 THE SPARTAN POKER SPRINTERS` CUP  Multifaced Suraj Narredu Darius R Byramji 24
19.12.2021 THE GOOL S. POONAWALLA MILLION  O Hansini Prashant P Dhebe Rakesh 9
28.12.2021 THE ARION HORSE COMPANY INDIAN 2000 GUINEAS  A Star Is Born Suraj Narredu Rajesh Narredu 24
07.01.2022 THE MAHARAJA JIWAJIRAO SCINDIA TROPHY  Forest Flame A Sandesh S S Attaollahi 4.5
07.01.2022 THE MAHALAKSHMI TROPHY  Iron Age A Sandesh Imtiaz A Sait 3
16.01.2022 THE VILLOO C. POONAWALLA INDIAN OAKS  Miracle P S Chouhan P Shroff 24.48
16.01.2022 THE RAMNIWAS RAMNARAIN RUIA GOLD CUP  Chopin Neeraj Rawal P Shroff 6
23.01.2022 THE VILLOO C. POONAWALLA INDIAN ST. LEGER  Theon P S Chouhan P Shroff 27.31
06.02.2022 THE KINGFISHER ULTRA INDIAN DERBY  Zuccarelli Trevor Patel P Shroff 10
06.02.2022 THE ZAVARAY S. POONAWALLA ECLIPSE STAKES OF INDIA Juliette C S Jodha Karthik Ganapathy 9
06.02.2022 THE RUSI PATEL TROPHY  Giant Star Neeraj Rawal M Narredu 6
06.02.2022 THE BREEDERS` PRODUCE STAKES  Super Natural P S Chouhan P Shroff 6
13.02.2022 THE DR. S. C. JAIN SPRINTERS` CHAMPIONSHIP  Enigma P S Chouhan P Shroff 9
27.02.2022 THE POONAWALLA BREEDERS` MULTI-MILLION Dexa Antony Raj S Imtiaz A Sait 90
13.03.2022 THE C. N. WADIA GOLD CUP  Parisian P S Chouhan P Shroff 9.57
20.03.2022 THE FORBES BREEDERS` JUVENILE FILLIES` CHAMPIONSHIP  Dangerous C S Jodha Adhirajsingh Jodha 15.78
03.04.2022 THE A. C. ARDESHIR TROPHY (GR.3) Northern Lights Trevor Patel P Shroff 6


To conclude, many races are set and as a rule the results which cloven-hoofs and their jockeys reach are pretty fine and suitable to bet on. The courses are spectacular and gather not only local fans but people from all around India. Visiting the occasion must be exciting, so don’t miss the opportunity!

Key fixtures for the 2022-2023 season

Today there are no fixtures revealed. It’s okay because all the settlements haven’t been arranged. In this case, the best solution is to track the latest news online, because the necessary info about a schedule and cloven-hoofs cards will be available online.

But if you have decided to try both visiting or betting on this Mumbai horse racing, you should be aware of the following tips beforehand.

Tips for the occasion:

  • point out the fixtures (once again): competitions are held here every year from November to April. More than a hundred horses are prepared for the season.
  • learn the types of events set: classic Indian races such as the St. Leger Stakes 1000 Guineas, Derby, 2000 Guineas, Oaks are held here.
  • find out what type of clothing is expected: when visiting the VIP lounge, the dress code for men is: suit or safari, long-sleeved shirt, and tie, blazer/jacket. It is permitted to dress as a dhoti or churidar with matching shoes. Ladies may wear anything but beachwear. No specific dress code is required for public places.
  • keep in a great mood and have a rest: it’s crucial to relax and have a rest while watching and betting on horse racing. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure!

Tips to choose a betting site to gamble in the Mumbai competition

To get profit from gambling in this competition, it’s significant to choose a correct online betting site. Of course, odds play an important role, but they are not everything to mention. We tried to gather key tips for you before digging into the case.

Verified international license

There are two types of sites in the gambling world: licensed and unlicensed sites. Those that are licensed are sites owned by companies that are in charge of complying with the laws of a country or international laws.

Licenses from these authorities mean that casinos gain access to large bettor markets and can offer more confidence to their customers from around the world. Losing a license would mean losing large amounts of revenue, as they would no longer have access to a regulated market and would lose much of their international reputation.

Therefore, well-reputed companies will want to keep their license. For you it means your money and personal data are secured and protected, thus it will not be stolen.

Do not focus on the bonus, but on the quality of the bookmaker’s offer

The welcome bonus is the most eye-catching thing about bookmakers, but the truth is it reflects the inexperience of the gambler. Converting bonuses into real money is very difficult and when you do this it is usually achieved by the fact that you bet more than you should, only this time luck was on your side.

A wise choice of a bookmaker has to do with the staking offer on their website. In other words, how many sports can you bet on? Which competitions are offered to gamble on?

Look for bookmakers with great payouts

The last point, but not least, is the generosity of the companies for payouts. In a game, there will be no difference. One bookmaker may offer 2 odds per team win and another 2.1 odds, but these small differences that add up, in the long run, can result in a huge amount of money.

So it is worth comparing the odds of different houses on different events that interest us to see which one usually pays out more.

To sum up, it is quite important not to make mistakes while choosing a company to deal with. you must also know whether the stakes to Mumbai events are given.

In conclusion: to pay attention or not to pay?

The answer is absolute yes. There is no reason to refuse this opportunity, as such a local tournament is full of various courses to watch and enjoy, besides local stakes may be even more lucrative than gambling on international occasions.

To stake the maximum profit you also need to learn more about the sport itself and the tournament in particular. It’s necessary to puzzle out betting particularities too and get aware of financial bankroll tips and gaming strategies.