Mysore horse race and tournament bets from Burghley TV

Horse racing is one of the most popular elite sports. Once seeing at least one performance, the fans will never be able to forget these emotions. Adrenaline and risk – the second name of the race. The observation of horses has always been of interest to many people.

At first, it was just a hobby. Spectators did not miss a single event. Over time, a simple interest grew into something more. The fans started arguing. The disputes concerned various views on the favorites and winners. With the development of the market, new segments and opportunities began to appear.

There are bookmakers. Their main task was to mediate between the participants in disputes. The bookies were located on the racecourses in physical offices. Time passed and technology changed. Today, the global Internet has reached an incredible size and level.

The physical offices of bookmakers no longer play such an important role. All activities have moved online. The number of events is also increasing every day. In the past, there have been many tournaments and championships. The largest and most popular ones attracted the attention of the Gemlers the most.

The large format provides more opportunities for earning and enjoyment. India is a colorful country of sports. Horse racing occupies a special place in the ranking of sports disciplines. Only in India itself, there are more than 50 major and minor racing tournaments.

The Mysore horse race is one of the most famous and popular. Mysore bets can be found at the most reputable bookmakers. How to do it correctly and profitably? We will find out the answer to this question today.

What is Mysore Tournament racing?

This championship is considered to be one of the oldest and most famous in India. The horse racing market is very interesting for Indian spectators. The tournament was founded at the end of the 19th century. The curator of the creation was personally King Chamaraja Vadiyar.

The first hippodrome for activities was built in the same year that the competitions were created, namely in 1890. It served clearly and well for 30 years. And already in 1920, by order of the king, a new one was built – more than 150 acres.

Until now, the races are considered to be associated with the Royal Club. To date, the racing track for performances has a length of 2 thousand meters main and 500 meters additional.

Creation year 1890
Original organizer King Chamaraja Vadiyar
Club 250 members
Location Mysore
Time period November-February
Field distance Main – 2000 meters, additional – 500 meters


Championship Club

Today there is also a Mysore Club with 250 members. Among the members of the club are the most outstanding jockeys, coaches, and sportsmen. Membership in the club does not provide any benefits regarding participation in the tournament.

The benefits relate to the coaching segment and the training process. Coaches and jockeys who are members of the club can use the training grounds for longer. This fact is very important for gambling analysis. Who trains more, has more opportunities and chances to win in future meetings within the competition.

Where and when are the events

The time and geographical intervals of the competitions were chosen a very long time ago. At the end of the 19th century, the Chamaraja king Wadiyar himself decided to hold meetings from November to February every year.

Geographically, all events took place on the racecourses of Mysore. Today, the competition is sometimes also called the Mysore Derby. Furious fans of discipline will never miss a single event. Early analysis and careful attention to detail is the key to successful betting.

Results of recent seasons

Racing seasons are held annually between November and February. The last seasons have been very bright both for the participants themselves and for the audience. A lot of unexpected moments, raising the ratings of favorites and unexpected losses. Let’s take a look at everything one by one.

The 2020 season was a surprise

Jockey Akhade Sandesh with his horse Saddle Up became the undisputed winner of all the races of the season. No one managed to overtake the horse at all distances. Before the start of the tournament, experts and spectators did not give exceptionally high marks to this jockey, but the course of events changed.

After the end of the competition, the experts expressed their opinion about such a surprise. Everything was caused by systematic training and great ambitions. A more detailed list of participants and their results is presented below.

Position Animal Jockey Rating
1 Saddle Up Akhade Sandesh 8.12
2 Beat It Dude Khim Singh 7.83
3 Astonish Jim Crowley 6.53
4 Life is Good David Allan 7.41
5 Pimpernel Gold Lester Piggott 7.34


This arrangement of participants in the rating list at first caused a little surprise among the audience and experts. At the end of the championship and the announcement of all the information, everything fell into place.

The 2021 season went as predicted

Most of the predictions for the next season came true. There were a few surprises. Everything went as it should. Even bettors rated 2021 as the easiest and most predictable year. Based on the results of 2020, it was possible to formulate quite predictable results.

The top five have not changed since last season. Only the rating places occupied by the participants have changed. Several jockeys and horses changed positions. The winner was Astonish together with the jockey Jim Crowley. True, the ratings appear to be slightly different.

Position Animal Jockey Rating
1 Astonish Jim Crowley 7.74
2 Saddle UpĀ  Akhade Sandesh 7.91
3 Beat It Dude Khim Singh 6.53
4 Pimpernel Gold Lester Piggott 6.81
5 Life is Good David Allan 6.90


An interesting fact of this season was that for the first time in the history of the championship, the list of top 5 did not change in any way regarding the participants. A change of rating places has occurred. But to stay two seasons in a row in the top 5 is very difficult.

What promises to happen in the upcoming 2022-2023 season

2022 promises to be an incredibly spectacular and exciting event. By tradition, the races are scheduled from November to February. Races will take place in several groups. The approximate tournament schedule is as follows.

Date Performance
November 2022 Main distance (2000 metres) – Group 1
November 2022 Main distance (2000 metres) – Group 2
November 2022 Main distance (2000 metres) – Group 3
December 2022 Additional distance (500 metres) – Group 1
December 2022 Additional distance (500 metres) – Group 2
January 2023 Additional distance (500 metres) – Group 3
February 2023 Final stage main roadĀ 
February 2023 Final stage additional road
February 2023 Award Ceremony


In 2022, a new horse, Squanderer, was admitted to the competition along with jockey Mohammed Dastagir. Previously, the participant did not take part in this championship. Past performances in other competitions have shown a high level of preparation and ambition.

The overall rating of Squanderer before the start of performances is at the level of 7.5. This is a fairly high level if we compare the performance of the top 5 last years.

Bettors need to know in advance about the composition of participants and the schedule of meetings for the next year. This arrangement of things will help players navigate the situation in more detail and make more likely predictions in the future.

Tips to choose betting site to gamble on Mysore horse race

Not only international major tournaments can bring monetary benefits to the bettor. Local championships provide very favorable conditions for activities. Local competitions in India are one of the surest ways to get double the pleasure right away. Firstly, enjoy a spectacular event, and, secondly, earn extra money.

To make a profitable bet, the gambler needs to choose the right bookmaker. A good and reputable bookmaker must have several points – great experience, great age, an official license and, of course, good reviews from customers.

To date, the top bookmakers for betting on horse races are:

  • Parimatch;
  • Betobet;
  • Betwinner;
  • Royal Panda;
  • ComeOn!

All these bookmakers have a very wide range of offers for the chosen discipline. They also cover all local Indian events. High odds and attractive margins are what sets them apart from the competition. Betting on horse races is a very cool and rewarding experience in the world of gambling.

Final verdict – cool horse betting opportunity in Mysore

Sports betting is popular all over the world. Favorable offers and attractive opportunities are available to everyone within the local tournaments of India. One of them is Mysore. All information and data incline bettors to the fact that it is possible and very necessary to implement predictions.

The main thing is to take into account all the details and features. Only by adhering to the basic rules of winning bets, the bettor will be able to act effectively and profitably in the first place for himself.