Horse racing has been famous since ancient times, as well as betting on it. As soon as technological progress reached the possibility of making online bets, the previously mentioned sport was included in their list.

A difficult, but at the same time interesting activity gives every willing and novice a better opportunity to earn money. And the best part is that you can hit the jackpot while watching the broadcast on Burghley TV and you can make predictions at the same time.

In this case, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of useful information that is presented in the article. Indeed, without special knowledge in online betting on horse racing, the chances of making a successful forecast are zero. Because it can not be compared with football or tennis.

Everything is much more complicated here. It is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors of the main and accompanying.

The ideal sport for online bet

Why colt racing is considered the ideal sport as long as online betting? Because it is not like the others and has its own trump cards such attracts gamers. A lot of adrenaline and exciting emotions, and most importantly, the outcome of the races attracts the participants of the forecasts to a large extent.

It would seem such huge viewing halls gather races. But we know from history such in ancient times the main goal of spectators at colt events was to make a successful prediction and take the coveted jackpot.

The whole feature of this entertainment is such not two participants participate in it, but much more. So, the outcome of the result can vary significantly. So it’s not easy to predict the outcome. You need to have some basic knowledge in the direction.

This sport is so valued such monuments were erected to colts and valued as a jewel. But the names of the jockeys are not so well known, they always show the names of the colts. foal racing is especially popular in the USA, UAE and Britain. In the countries mentioned, it has become so much a tradition that certain rules are followed. One of them comes in headgear – hats.

Entire offline offices were created to help sports fans. Statistically, almost every spectator places rates during the thrill of the event. Of course, foal racing is an ideal sport in online betting. First of all, the sensations from the forecast itself were not keep you waiting. Secondly, you no longer meet sports involving royal animals like foals in rates.

Some avid bettors have their own foals that participate in the race. They give a lot of money to keep the animal and prepare as long as the races so that in the future his foal win, and the better himself take his jackpot. But this is not as long as everyone who wants it. Ordinary gamers can watch from the side to study all the pros and cons and make cherished bets.

There are also individuals who make predictions based on personal satisfaction. The outcome of events is not important to them, they take such a step in the form of simple entertainment. So, an extraordinary sport is suitable as long as anyone and even for those who simply love foals.

But it is worth considering – it is considered a cruel and dangerous sport. there are times when a foal leaves the race with the jockey, and then the consequences can only be guessed at.


  • Tournaments are held all year round and in large numbers
  • For most races there are free video broadcasts. So bookmakers are trying to popularize this discipline outside

  • Increased margin compared to top sports (football, hockey, basketball). Therefore, at a distance, the player is likely to be in the red.
  • You have to learn a lot of terms

The role of odds in horse racing

Odds play an important role in foal racing. Perhaps this is the first topic that is worth your attention before you start betting. I was not obscure – you need at least a little understanding of mathematics. The ratio is the ratio between the risk of losing and the potential gain.

That is, the higher the coefficient, the less chance of winning and vice versa. But take into account – there are cases when the coefficient is high before the race, and during the race it decreases, approaching victory. Once you understand how the coefficients work, making successful forecasts was become much easier and more confident.

It was previously mentioned that betting on an unusual sport is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In foal racing, coefitient are represented by fractions.

For example:

  • Probability 8-1: you win 8 parts every 1 part of the rate;
  •  Odds 5-2: winnings be 5 parts;
  • very 2 parts of your bet;
  • Odds 1-4: win 1 part
  • every 4 parts of your rate!

It should be understood that if the first number is higher, then the winnings be higher than your rate. In case the first number is less then your winnings be less than the rate you made.

Why is that? Because the majority of gamers rate on the same foal (on the chase favorite). Therefore, the entire pool collected from rates will be divided into all those who made the same rate – accordingly, the winnings are less.

When the first digit is greater than the second, then the horse is not the favorite of the races and you can earn a large amount. But it should be noted such in this case the risk of defeat is high. It often happens such before the start the coefficient is large, let’s say 12-1, and during the chase it sharply changed downwards, because the favorite has changed.

Well, if you had time and made a rate, you was take the winnings x12 than you rate.

Sometimes bookies publish coefitient without fractions (whole number) – 15 and the horse’s name next to it. It means 15-1.

How to correctly calculate the amount of profit by odds? If the coefficient with integers is nothing complicated. Take the coefitient of 5-1, your rate is $2. We multiply your rate by the first number and get a profit, in our case $ 10. It is not uncommon for betting sites to set non-whole coefitient, which makes it harder to calculate.

If you are not a mathematician and cannot quickly calculate the profit, do as follows:

  • stake x on the first number / on the second number = net profit
  • let’s look at coefitient 5-6 as an example, your stake is $10:
    10 x 5/6 = $8.

The net profit with such a coefficient will be 8 dollars. Add $10 original stake + $8 = $18 net profit.

In this way, without mathematical abilities, everyone can calculate their profit based on the coefitient.

Odds $2 Payoff Odds $2 Payoff
1-5 $2.40 4-1 $10.00
2-5 $2.80 9-2 $11.00
1-2 $3.00 5-1 $12.00
3-5 $3.20 6-1 $14.00
4-5 $3.60 7-1 $16.00
1-1 $4.00 8-1 $18.00


Bookmakers and their offers

Apparently, you are interested in the topic of horse racing and have begun to study it closely. Then be sure to bookmark this page.

There are a huge number of all kinds of bookies on the market, but not all of them have horse racing events. You need to find a responsible, safe, and also one where there is not an easy sport.

Today we consider to you the top bookmakers whose services you can safely use: Parimatch, Betwinner, CameOn, Royal Panda, and Betobet. They help you make a successful prediction. And maybe they
witness the jackpot. But be sure to read the terms and conditions of each one to see if it suits you.

  1. Before making predictions, you need to choose a bookmaker or a few favorites of your choice, while taking into account a number of important factors:
  2. Duration on the market. In any case, trusting a bookmaker such has been on the market for many years is much easier than trusting new sites.
  3. Coefficients. An important component on which your profit depends. The higher the odds, the more profit you have in your pocket. Each bookmaker puts up their own options, and someone focuses on competitors. So, you need to compare several bookmakers to make the right choice.
  4. A smart choice of a sports book. The more events the bookmaker has, the better for the gamer, who can choose several events for the outcome.
  5. Bonus program. Almost all betting sites on the market offer a wide range of bonuses for beginners such can be used in addition to stakes.
  6. Legality and reliability. Any bookmaker must be legalized and reliable. This is easy to check using google. If a bookmaker has a world-class license, there is no need to worry.


Here we offer trusted bookmakers, and most importantly, safe ones. Your money would definitely be safe.



– winner
– finalist
– double
– loser
– exacta




– finish
– winner
– finalist
– double
– loser
– exacta




– insurance
– each – way
– forecast
– head-to-head
– double



Royal Panda

– loser
– exacta
– head-to-head




– finish
– winner
– head-to-head
– double
– finalist



Bankroll money

In order not to have the habit of constantly draining your bank, you need to be able to manage it. It is important! By registering with any bookmaker, the capper should already know how to manage their bankroll. Without skills, the chances of winning are almost 0.

After all, a capper who knows nothing about the bankroll is lose all his cash with the first stake. Let’s break down a few rules about the topic.

  1.  Decide on the amount you don’t mind losing. When betting, always be prepared for the fact such you lose your bank. Otherwise, it will be very difficult and a lot of unnecessary emotions such affect your future decisions. The amount that is not a pity is the bankroll.
  2.  The next step is to decide how many stakes you want to place. Do not think to stake the entire amount on 1 stake. The correct solution would be a small percentage of your amount. Small – 3-5% no more!. Otherwise, you are taking a huge risk.
  3.  Now you can place your first stake. But be careful! By following the tips, you will be able to make minimum stakes without losing your bank.

What strategies exist as long as bankroll management?

there are a huge number of different strategies on how to save your bank, but at the same time stay in the black, how to properly distribute money between bets, and so on. There is no single rule and option.

Everyone can single out a strategy such they like or create their own. Nevertheless, the goal of each strategy is the same – to get a profit within a month/week. We will consider the most common and popular of them.

Flat. The easiest option as long as beginners. The better is determined by the amount of the stake, which means 3-5% of the amount of the entire bank, no more. The goal of such a strategy is to add + 10-15% of the deposit to your bank in a month. This method does not require any calculations and formulas, but anyone can handle it.

 Fibonacci system. It looks like a classic dogon. The bottom line is such after each lost stake, the size of the next one is increased by the amount of the previous one. Its sequence is as follows:
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21..

For example, the first rate is 1% of the bank. In case of a loss, the next one is also 1%, but in case of a previous loss, the third stake will be 2%. That is, we sum up the previous two. The goal is to guess at least 1 out of 9 predictions. otherwise, the bettor loses 88% of his money. using the strategy, the gamer wins back the previous stake and goes to 0.

 d’Alembert’s strategy. The meaning of the strategy is as follows – we choose races with a coefficient above the average. If we lose, we double the next wager, and we decrease the winnings.

 Follow the money. Very popular in horse betting. We choose not the favorite of the chase, as we used to, but the loser. Next, we follow the outcome of events, if the coefitient change down, then a lot of people wager on it. In this case, it made sense to wager on the top three horses with lowered coefitient.


What criteria should be taken into account?

 Animal parameters. Weight, height, age of the animal, previous results, and distances.

 The ratio of age and distance. according to statistics, young horses have little endurance, they successfully show themselves at short distances. Adult animals after 5 years are quite hardy and are accordingly successful in long distances.

 Weather conditions. an integral factor in racing, which is definitely worth taking into account.

 Animal trainer. Experienced trainers know the characteristics and behavior of the horse in practice.

All information will help to make the right choice and forecast. Keep in mind even professionals lose.

Frequent mistakes of betters

Always and all novice bettors make certain mistakes in forecasts. happens either out of ignorance or involved in crazy excitement. I want to prevent the most common mistakes so such certain does not happen again in the future. Let’s look at the most common of them.

  •  The very first is the concept of constant income. Beginners come to gambling with the idea of ​​sitting at home on the couch and spitting at the ceiling. Forget! Bets cannot be considered as a permanent income. Most likely as entertainment or additional income nothing more! Get the thoughts out of their head before it’s too late otherwise, you’ll wallow in losses and debt.
  •  Ignoring the rules of the bookmaker. Gamblers register on betting sites without even reading the terms and conditions of the platform. Thus blindly agreeing. And after various tricks they make claims. So, when choosing a bookmaker, be sure to read their terms and conditions.
  •  Excitement of wagering. The main rule: if you lost money that you could afford – stop! On this, the bets are over, try after a while or when free money appears. Blind excitement will lead to the drain of the deposit again and again. Erroneous thoughts of gamblers – now I will recoup.
  • Offices are designed as long as just such a weakness. Sometimes it is difficult to refrain, but professionals set certain limits as long as themselves and then everything works out and the deposit is always on the balance sheet.
  •  Bet on the same animal. Myth and nothing more. A runner cannot win all the time because of his physical condition. Never bet on the same favorite. Treat with a sober mind, because such actions lead to a drain.
  •  Bets on fixed races. This is nonsense. Still, there are people who buy match-fixing. We do not deny their existence. They are everywhere no doubt. In every sport and league and chase. But believe me, no one will ever sell such matches on the Internet so as not to endanger themselves.

And if all the same, you were seduced and bought, then you or a teenager do not know how the whole system works. I beg you never to fall for certain scam.

Win-win systems. There are no such systems as such, otherwise, all betting companies would work at a loss or go bankrupt altogether. History repeats itself as with contractual races.
Trust only yourself and your knowledge, no one else, and nothing will help in such entertainment.

The last pair of meanings

For a long time, there were offline bookmakers on racetracks such accepted bets. Today, the popularity of betting on certain sport is only growing around the world. Because the odds on them are much higher than in the usual sports.

Despite this, not all offices are included in the list of events. But their selection is also great. Among the Indian fans of certain direction, there are also responsible bookmakers with the possibility of such bets.

I hope everyone has already understood that betting on colt races is not easy. You need to choose such a sport with a wealth of knowledge behind your back so as not to drain your debit at a time. colt racing is a very spectacular and expensive sport such everyone should watch.

For the reason such to see such proud and purposeful animals as horses and at the same time earn extra money. May good luck accompany you in certain difficult battle.

Races last 5 days. 5-6 races are allowed daily and each has its own name and rules. The run time is about two minutes.

It all depends on the event and the distance. Most of the stallions participate in some races, and mares in others. The same goes as long as age: young colts are good as long as short distances, and older individuals are hardier – they are put on long distances.

Jacque – a rider who controls the colt during the event. It plays a big role in the outcome of the event. They undergo special training in the direction. A mere wishing will not sit on horseback and will not be able to participate in the events.

Jockeys undergo a series of additional training that help improve their skills.

Yes. Interested gamblers can make predictions at independent bookies, which are in no way affiliated with Indian law.