India is a country where the sport is highly popular. Lots of local and national tournaments take place almost constantly. There is a way both to enjoy and profit from it. Many gambling sites offer a multiplicity of predictions to bet and win. But how to do this correctly? What are the main features to mind? Here are numerous tips collected to help you significantly.

Horse racing from A to Z

It is a competition of speed among two or more participants, usually thoroughbreds, which are chased or pursued on a special course. It’s one of the oldest and still popular sports in most countries and the discipline is best organized and commercialized. It includes what is technically called slicks running, sledging or sleigh running and obstacle course running.

Tracks and routes

Racetracks are various and can vary significantly. To give an example, tracks in Europe consist of different types of grass. In Canada and the United States participants always move counterclockwise, while in Europe and other countries they move in both directions.

The main courses in the United States are one-mile long ovals, consisting of a dirt or clay road on the outside and usually several parallel grass or turf tracks on the inside.

Historical background

Racing is one of the oldest sports, originating with the prehistoric nomadic tribes of Central Asia. For millennia, it flourished as a sport for kings and nobles. The popularity grew when in the 20th century English riders returned home on fast Arabian ones.

Over the next 400 years, more and more animals were imported and crossed with local mares to produce cloven hoofs that combined speed and endurance. Comparing the fastest of these animals into two particular races became a popular entertainment among the nobility.

It became a professional sport during the reign of Queen Anne, when the sport gave way to various competitions where spectators placed bets. The discipline sprang up in England, all offering large purses to attract the best cloven hoofs. These purses contributed to the breeding and ownership of profitable tournaments.

As it spread rapidly, the need for a central authority emerged. That’s why an elite group of riders gathered in Newmarket formed the Jockey Club, which remains in total control of English discipline to this day.

Types of events held

Besides, the discipline is also closely related to sports betting as it is their main source of livelihood. Raising and training participants and riders is an expensive occupation, so it requires an economic income to survive. We’ll surely dig into the case later.

There are three types:

Classic riding

It’s a widely spread discipline. Lots of world-known tournaments are based on this type.

Conditional races

When the participation and weight of the participants depend on the conditions previously defined in the seasonal program. There are conditional jumps for winning foals and mares and for non-winning foals and cloven hoofs. The condition may also depend on the age of the instance.

Handicap riding

Each animal has an index from 1 to 56. A handicap corresponds to a weighted index assigned according to an automatic handicap; it is a system designed to balance the chances of each animal.

Normally, events take place on circuits which have a generally oval track, plus grandstands for fans, stables, ticket offices, etc. Besides the typical flat running, there are other types of the sport, including obstacle course running, sled riding, and endurance competitions. All these disciplines have an important following in different countries, rules, tracks, and organizational institutions.

The best events to bet on

Today there are many events in all parts of the world. Mentioned below are the most popular occasions on which you can bet and win a lot.

Kentucky Derbies

Without a doubt, it is the best and most popular racing competition in the United States. It is a 1.25 mile race held in Louisville, Kentucky, specifically on the Churchill Downs Trail. Held every May, this event features 3-year-old running creatures which must meet certain requirements to compete for prizes over 3 million of dollars.

Grand National

The event is held in Liverpool, England, at Aintree Racecourse. It is said the number of spectators in the world of this race exceeds 500 million people. It is another of the most iconic events in the world of sport, even the art world has influenced this event. In this competition, more than 40 participants adapted to the rider run the 4-mile course.

World cup in Dubai

The World Cup in Dubai, home of the world’s richest day of running, was originally created based on the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The event is attended by thousands of people from all over the world and is usually held on the last Saturday in March. The prize money is usually around 10 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive around the globe.

Cheltenham festival

The Cheltenham Festival is Britain’s most popular racing festival. The event features Irish and British trained cloven-hoofs and on the final day of the festival you can watch the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which is considered the biggest National Hunt race, so you can expect to see some of the best jumpers in the world. And even if you can’t travel now, it doesn’t matter, you are still free to enjoy it online today.

Why to bet on horse racing?

Any betting is about risks and profit. So why are the risks worth trying here? In order to be able to puzzle in all the depths, let’s move on step by step.

Risk is a measure of the probability of occurrence of an event considered negative, as well as a measure of the devastating magnitude of a particular occasion. If we focus on racing betting, the risk is proportional to the sum of the odds offered by bookmakers. It is due to the fact a different result than expected will be obtained and will undoubtedly lead to losses.

In other words, with low odds, the risk is low, but our possible profit will be the same. But if you bet on higher winnings, it’s necessary to choose higher odds, which means a higher risk of loss if the outcome is not favorable.

The game itself is considered a risk with a possible reward. So one of the priorities of experienced bettors is to minimize the risk and avoid the chances of reward. You can minimize the risk by becoming true analysts and researchers of sporting events and betting sites. In this way the reward may be significant.

To get a higher return on fixed interest rates, focus on risk denial. When betting on an underdog cloven-hoof or jockey, use the total increase in the bet with minimal risk.

Another way to minimize risk without sacrificing reward is to use the Kelly Criterion Formula, which is based on estimating the rate on a mathematical scale with a percentage of return, to get the best results with a good level of interest achieved.

Also you may choose pairs and arbitrage bets to ensure safety and reduce risk, as they are low-risk bets and it is advisable to use them if we want to increase our chances of winning.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to understand the bet, recognize the risk and give up, otherwise we will not get the expected gains. Focus on studying and analyzing markets, tournaments and odds, using this information to our advantage to make bigger profits.

There are various methods and strategies of predictions to learn and apply to minimum losing funds. This process of gambling is usually geared towards bookmakers, as they need to be aware of the various possibilities to directly affect their profit margin.

This is why they also implement different strategies, such as moving the odds. To be a successful gambler, learning to manage risk to avoid making a couple of big bets will lead to significant losses. Instead, select smaller controlled bids with a fund management plan combined with a stop-loss spread to bring you sustainable rewards over time.

Again about benefits

The main advantages of online betting over offline one is it’s faster, more convenient and takes up less space since most of the game activities are in chat form and the gambler cannot get bored or disappointed. Remember, first of all, make sure the website you are visiting is verified and licensed.

The benefit is here is a wide variety of online offers to select, as it is a growing market. T Many websites which specialize and provide a heap of bonuses and promotions are available. The chances of finding a game category which suits you are higher, which means you are supposed to win big sums. Several bookmaking sites allow gamblers to place on and succeed.

Moreover it’s safer compared to real gambling as it does not pose any danger, especially for people with addictive inclinations (if to control and keep an eye on the tendencies) or bad habits such as drug or alcohol abuse.

Despite some disadvantages associated with online gambling, there are also very attractive advantages that make online staining very interesting. To give an instance, online bets are perfect for those who do not exercise much, especially for those who do not have enough time to watch live games.

The internet is fast, which means any gambler may start playing quickly. In addition, it’s a fine opportunity to chat with friends as no joining fees to pay are offered.

Here you are free to make a lot of money from the online bids, though there are also some disadvantages such as lack of privacy and security (in case you put bids at non-licensed sites).
To sum up, it’s a beneficial and lucrative occupation to try on.

Not much is needed — stable internet, your laptop or mobile app and the wish to get victory. But is there any golden rule to be on TOP? Read below.

How to make winning predictions on racing?

Unfortunately, there is no golden tip to apply. You have to compose predictions following the knowledge you possess. To succeed here, get acquainted with the gambling basics and particularities according to the discipline.

Popular types of stakes

There are different types of bids on racing which may be combined into even or multiple predictions. There are single and combination bids.

Types of spread offers

  1. winner stake;
    You pick a performer to be the winner of the race and if it wins you obviously succeed.
  2. looser stake;
    It’s an opposite offer to make predictions on.
  3. TOP three bid.
    Here you choose the participant and he or she must finish first, second or third to win.

Types of combination bids

  1. exact outcome;
    You have to choose the animals that will finish first and second in the course and also do it in the right order.
  2. mixed bids;
    Gambling on the first two competitors ranked first. You must press the finishing order.
  3. reversible or imperfect twin;
    You stop on two cloven-hoofs to finish first and second. They can come in any order.
  4. two matched stake;
    Three or more animals are selected to finish first or second in any order. If you set three ones you will have six twins or three reverse twins.
  5. triple;
    You stake on the 3 best finishers and must hit them in exact order.
  6. on the four ones (super offer)!
    You have to hit the 4 best horses in the right order.

TOP tips and tricks to win

Betting on racing offers a special thrill. But to win, you have to rely on a lot of inside data. Besides relying on the following tips:

Prefer live bids

Although bookmakers provide plenty of information and statistics with the latest results, it is always better to watch the competition live to have a better chance of making the right prediction.

Don’t rely on a favorite

Don’t always back a favorite: It is not the best idea to always back a favorite in cloven-hoofs. Statistically, the animal with the lowest odds wins only a third of the time.

Discover the cover

Before staking, note that competitions take place in different covers. Check previous results of participants on mud or grass. Make sure the competitor you like has achieved its previous results on the same surface it will be running on.

There can also be significant speed differences between different tracks, especially on grass due to bumps in elevation. There are always roads which are simple and difficult.

Pay attention to a jockey

Usually, the merit is in a high percentage of the animal. However, the jockey is also to blame for the results. When you see a jockey showing consistently good results on different males, don’t be afraid to gamble on, especially if the jockey rides one of your favorite cloven-hoofs.

Mind a trainer

If the animals of a certain trainer achieve wins and good results steadily, it is recommended to stake on in the next races. The trainer is listed next to the name of the male and jockey in the gambling.

Mention a cloven-hoof

Keep an eye on the creature: on the day you stake, it is interesting to follow the animal to see if he fits in or not. Do not base the bid on results from previous competitions. A few moments before the course you have the opportunity to evaluate the mood and shape of the animal.

Analyze the opponents

By doing so, you will find a participant in the best shape or even the best rating to get the victory. Feel free to switch twice for a specific course if you feel gambling on a different creature is more beneficial. A tip to pick just one pair of riders and creatures will help you focus. It’s not a rule to follow all the time!

Analyze the type of track

Sure, there are creatures that don’t ride well on all types of terrain. Not even in all seasons. It’s important to keep an eye on it. You will find spring and summer soils that are usually grass. Winter or autumn is usually mud or clay.

Some circuits still have synthetic floors. They are mixed and serve racing at any time of the year. Make sure the cloven-hoof is comfortable on the course of the competition in question. If not, it may not be worth staking on that day. Or, as we suggested above, switch the focus to another pair!

Read the race program

If you have access to the program before placing a bid, most of the information from the tips above will be in place. Race programs are most commonly found at tracks. You can find trailers on official websites.

Please read the documents carefully. They contain very comprehensive data about favorite occasions. Such a learning approach will set you apart from amateur gambling. It gives you a greater chance of winning.

But remember, all types of betting done at a race track, they may be addictive. If you feel it is happening to you, seek professional help immediately to address the addiction problem.

How to select a horse to make a prediction

To succeed in staking, you have to be well-informed according to the participants. It’s not easy to find a potential leader, but it’s possible. A riding animal is exactly what you need to observe obligatorily.

Breeds of males

Depending on the nature of the competition, jockeys select one male breed or another. The most important and popular among fans and professional riders are:

  •  Thoroughbred;
  •  American Quarter;
  •  Arabian;
  •  Appaloosa;
  •  American Paint;
  •  Andalusian;
  •  Morgan;
  •  Tennessee Walking;
  •  Akhaltekin;

Make a prediction on what you want. Secret tip: the fist thoroughbred seems to be the strongest breed.

Tips for gambling

Here are the factors to consider when trying to select a winning cloven-hoof:

  1. physical shape;
  2. distance to be performed;
  3. breed;
  4. trainer;
  5. last race stats (including break);
  6. type of preferred course;
  7. rating;
  8. etc.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Physical shape

It is more or less how the one has performed in his previous races. The physical shape gives a fairly accurate idea of its natural abilities and how it is performing at the moment. You should ask questions like «Has the performer played well in difficult races or lost in easy events?» «Are the rivals easier or harder today than last time?» and «Is the cloven-hoof improving?»

Answering these questions and looking at previous careers can usually give you a good understanding of their talent. In most cases, it is good to gamble on a healthy animal or an animal you think is improving.

Ground conditions

Ground is basically the ground conditions where the course takes place. In general ground conditions and movement are defined as:

  1. flat;
  2. mild or smooth;
  3. mud;
  4. complicated!

Mud ground is the fastest and hardest type of soil (usually in the summer months), complicated is when the soil is hard to pass and very dirty, which usually occurs in the winter months. It often happens that a horse prefers certain types of relief or fascination, so it is worth bearing it in mind when choosing.

To give an example, if the ride was gentle, you should probably avoid a horse that normally enjoys and runs well on hard ground.

Distance to be performed

The distance is crucial for competitions. Flat courses take place between 5 furlongs and 2 miles and 4 furlongs, while jumpers run from 2 miles to 4 miles and 4 furlongs. When making predictions, you need to make sure the animal has what it takes to show speed or stamina (or the right combination of both) to run well.

You are free to find it out by looking at previous results and how that worked out, and horse breeding usually provides clues as to the rating of a particular horse.

Breeds to point out

Breed is a big part of the industry. Only the best cloven-hoof breed at the end of their careers. When selecting for racing (especially if the horse has not raced before), breed can give a good idea of how the horse may perform.

or example, if the horse’s father and mother were sprinters, it is fair to assume that the offspring will inherit some of it. Similarly, if the parents were 3-mile jumper hunters, they would end up instilling more stamina in their offspring. Obviously it is a very simplistic view and breeding is very complex, but it gives an idea of what breeding achieves.

Trainers and method of training

Another factor is the running coach. Some trainers are known to be masters of their craft, and often the best trainers have the best performers. As well as the desire to set a reputable coach, it’s also worth looking at their current form and form on the track.

How are the runners in this yard in general? Often, courts and coaches have good times when it seems that all their runners are successful. Also, some trainers have local courses where their runners do well because the ride before the horse race is shorter.

Age of the animal

It may be worth considering the age of the cloven hoof. Whether it is a young, evolving creature at its peak or just starting to decline. Flat creatures tend to peak earlier, at 3-7 years of age, while jumpers peak later, at 7-10 years of age.

In conclusion: is it worth compositing prediction?

So, we have identified a number of negative aspects and advantages of online gambling.

Indeed, it is not always possible to be on the horse, because probability theory refutes the pattern. However, you can earn extra money through a bunch of benefits, such as bonuses or a wide line of offers. It is also worth noting the variety of events that are managed by betting sites when forming stakes.

To be in the lead and minimize losses, follow the advice, as well as choose the right performers. Understanding the specifics of sports and a strong desire to be a leader will help you. Just don’t lose your head and don’t give in to emotions.

A cold mind is your friend!