Pune horse racing how to bet on this sports competition in 2023

Classic horse racing has long been a major betting draw, with both the rich and the common man able to make money from it. In India, horse racing is no less popular and every year attracts several million spectators who bet on their favorites, constantly visit the stables, and keep an eye on the health of the horses.

Part of the popularity of animal racing in India can be attributed to England. It was from this country that India adopted the tradition of animal racing, as well as of betting on and on horse races. There are many regional as well as big tournaments in which various gamblers of Indian castes make stakes.

Nowadays, things are much easier as you can use your phone or laptop to follow the races, place live bets on a bookmaker online and win by winning your money on this gambling sport.

You don’t have to go anywhere, most Indian betting shops even broadcast the races themselves, controlling even giving information about the animals and riders. But, if you really want to get into animal racing and learn how to bet on it, you should read this article and learn the tricks of betting on Pune horse gase.

What is a Pune horse race in India?

Horse darting is a very popular gambling sport that comes from England. For more than 200 years, animal racing with stakes has been held in India, attracting many fans of animals and the sport of chance. Directly in India, there are five classic types of animal darting which are held at different and loudly named racecourses.

One of these types of hippodromes is the Pune Hippodrome, which was built in 1830. Considering the fact that the first podium in this country was started in 1777, then we can call the Pune podium one of the oldest that is still in operation today.

Pune races are held in winter, as part of one of the five classics of the new year. This year’s season runs from July to Oct. and includes the Pune Derby, RWITC Invitational, Independence Cup, and Southern Command Cup. It is managed by the Royal Western India Turf Club. The racing schedule will be known just before the stakes themselves.

Interesting fact: the country has a whole breeding book with all the famous stallions from the races and their heirs. The country breeds some of the most expensive champion animals, which are sold around the world to wealthy stables so that they can then compete in world races.

Last year’s major tournaments and betting on the 2022 horse race in India

In India, there are several tournaments a year. Classically, there are five of them. And they take place in the biggest and most popular tournaments in the country.

  • The tournament in Bangalore is the Bangalore Turf Club. Its peculiarity is that the competitions are held in two seasons: summer and winter;
  • In Hyderabad, Hyderabad Turf Club races are held on Sundays and Mondays during the winter and summer seasons;
  • The picturesque city of Calcutta hosts the Royal Calcutta Turf Club. It usually starts with the rainy season, which adds to the drama;
  • Western India Turf Club (RWITC) races are held in the city of Mumbai from November to May;
  • The Mysore Race Club races are of particular note. They attract many spectators in the small town of Mysore;
  • From April to June, all the residents watch the Madras Race Club which is held in Chennai with admiration;
  • One of the major tournaments in Delhi, which was founded back in 1940, is usually held from August to May. Its name is Delhi Turf Club and the name is RWITC!

As you can see, there are going on all year long that you can bet money on at bookmakers online. It’s like football matches in Europe, they are constantly gaining popularity. But here in India, they love animals and animal darting, which is impossible to imagine.

Every season here is full of special events. Therefore, for gamblers – the golden time is always in force. You can make money all year round if you make betting your main form of income. Moreover, there is an opportunity to attend each event on your own to follow the stallions during the races.

India 2022 race results (PUNE: Saint Emilion Plate Handicap in 15.08.2022)

1 Mad Love Trevor P./Faisal A. A. 4 9-9 7/2
2 Jack Bauer Bhagat K./S W. 4 9-9 4 ¾ 13/2
3 Commandment Srinath Y. S./Nazak C. 4 9-9 nk 2/1
4 Toussaint Parmar N. S./Sanjay K. 4 9-2 2 9/1
5 Caprifla Prakash A./Imtiaz A. S. 4 8-9 ¾ 8/1
6 Song Song Blue Jodha T. S./Subhag S. 4 8-7 1 11/1
7 Alpha Gene Kaviraj P. S./Ivor F. 4 8-5 nk 12/1
8 Doc Martin Zervan S./Nosher C. 4 9-9 ¾ 11/4
9 Charming Star Singh D./Narendra L. 4 9-4 1 ½ 20/1
10 Special Situation Shelar R./Ivor F. 5 8-6 3 ¾ 22/1
11 Hela Singh B./Karthik G. 4 9-6 2 11/1
12 Sonisha Peter A. S./S N. J. 6 7-12 22 22/1


This year’s memorable stallions and mares were Mad Love and Jack Bauer. They came to the finish line almost nose to nose, which surprised the audience a lot. But, these races are unusual in that next year a completely different star may shine, showing a better time and result of the sport of kings.

Therefore, it is important to consider not only the animal but also the jockey who steers it, as well as its trainer.

Schedule (fixtures) for season 2022-2023

The schedule for the new date is planned closer to the event itself. But some of the races are already scheduled for this year, so here’s what they are and when they will take place in India.

October 9 Pune
October 12 Kolkata
October 15 Pune
October 16 Pune
October 17 Hyderabad
October 23 Pune
October 24 Hyderabad
October 26 Kolkata
October 27 Hyderabad
October 28 Pune


New matches are just around the corner, so it’s worth hurrying if you plan to learn the ins and outs of betting on stallion darting.

Tips for choosing a betting site to gamble Indian horse racing

Well, now on to the secrets that every gambler should know before starting to bet on equestrian sports. Here we will compile the most valuable tips.

How to choose a bookie

The most important question is how to choose a bookmaker that won’t leave you and allow you to win enough money on stallion racing. In fact, it’s not that easy, so we’ve prepared some proven options with a license.

TOP-5 BK for horse betting in 2022-2023

  1. Parimatch – is a cool boomer with great features and an official license in India. It delivers the most lucrative freespins, gives lots of bonuses, and even streams match;
  2. Betobet – is the second most popular bookmaker. Not a bad option for beginners, but support can sometimes let you down, but has a very user-friendly interface;
  3. Betwinner – is third in our top because it really deserves to be here. Nice interface, clear rules, and easy entrance;
  4. Royal Panda – it will be difficult for newcomers to understand here, but if you are a pro, you can come in. Nice bonuses, plenty of options for betting steep odds;
  5. ComeOn – is one of the most popular bookmakers in India, which is also licensed. You can bet on various sports, including stallion darting!

What to look out for when placing a bet

Here it is the same as in big sports. But you need to look very carefully at the age of the jockey, the trainer, the size of the participant, the distance, and previous goals and analyze the pedigree of the stallion itself. It is very important to consider all these nuances if you want to become a true pro and win your money in betting on this challenging sport.

A very important trick is to assess the condition of the stallion before the match starts. This is how winning games are done at the hippodrome, which is why the real winners prefer to come to the hippodrome and watch it in person. But if you don’t have that option, you’ll have to trust your gut.

Why is horse betting profitable?

Nowadays, everyone is interested in football and other games to bet on. But animal racing is a classic that has a very long history intertwined with the history of India. Watching the action is like being transported back in time, you can feel like an aristocrat choosing the most expensive animal and the best rider.

It’s elegant, and even more so, lucrative. Because there are so many bonks points and odds on horse racing. Also, only the most successful bettors bet here.

Besides, in this sport, it’s very hard to predict anything, so there is always a great deal of excitement, which can only be satisfied on the track. If you really like animals and history, this is the perfect bet for you.