Royal Ascot — a famous horse racing tournament to bet on

Today horse racing has become a first-class hobby for millions of people all around the globe. As it was considered to be a game for the best of the best, many sports fans are crazy about it and want to dig into the topic completely. Though the discipline has appeared long ago, not everyone is aware about its lucrativeness for betting.

In the article we will try to describe all the main aspects and tips to help you to succeed in such a gambling.

Royal Ascot: origin, historical value and basics

One of the most anticipated events in British society is this horse racing tournament. The competition is a prestigious event in the United Kingdom which, in addition to thoroughbred fans, attracts members of the European majestic families and British high society and various local and international celebrities.

Being almost a representation of the well-known series «Bridgertons», in recent years the event has evolved into a catwalk where glamorous hats and outfits are the hallmark of identity and distinction.

Historical background

The history of the tournament goes back more than 300 years. It was firstly arranged in 1711 by Queen Anne, a great enthusiast and leader of the nation. While riding in a carriage through the woods near Windsor Castle, she came across a territory which looked ideally suited to horse racing.

Then in August of that year the first competition, Her Majesty’s Plate, was held and a prize of 100 guineas was awarded to the winner. Later Anne’s death provoked the decline of the celebrations, due to King George’s disdain for the sport in general. Though the race returned in 1720 and became one of Britain’s most famous racetracks.

Horse racing features of the occasion

The celebration takes place at Ascot in Berkshire County in June. The round trip to and from Ascot is a right gallop of just over 1m 6 with a run of two and a half furlongs.

Course program

A total of seven races are usually run with a half hour interval between them, where the leaders are free to perform in the first group. Financially, it is Britain’s biggest running event, with more than 7.3 million pounds in prize money in 2018.

Prize funds

During the horse racing competition, 19 races are held and the total prize pool is calculated in the millions. Ascot’s TOP honors are awarded to just three races in memory of Anne, the Gold Cup, the Queen Victoria Cup and the Royal Hunt Cup. The owners of the winning animals receive a gold trophy, which becomes their property. For all other races, the cups are awarded, which return to Ascot and are re-awarded annually.

Majestic family participation

As we have mentioned, there are 17 races over the five-day marathon. Animals from the majestic stable also take part in the competition and are to perform usually first. The entire royal family is present and its Head — the Queen (before her death) or the King, personally presents the Golden Trophy to the winner.

Fashion as a feature

It seems to be a symbol of fashionable social occasions. Its visitors are renowned for its extravagant dresses and hats, but they are obliged to adhere to strict rules when it comes to tailoring.
Men must always wear a full suit with a waistcoat and a black or gray cylinder.

Only black shoes are allowed and, contrary to the current fashion for bare ankles, socks are compulsory.

Women must wear a hat with a base of at least four inches and simple cut dresses. Trousers and jumpsuits are acceptable, but here too with a caveat: trousers must be worn with a jacket or top of «tone-in-tone» fabric. Accustomed to garden party style with a mix of bright colors, floral prints and the recent emergence of long fluttering gowns, the British clearly take after the royal family.

Tickets to take part

There are different ways to enjoy the occasion horse racing competitions, but they mainly focus on 4 categories of tickets from the lowest to the highest:

  • the Silver Ring;
  • the Tribune;
  • the Lodges;
  • the Royal Enclosure.

Each requires its own dress code, the most exclusive and popular of which is the Royal Enclosure. This is a category that can only be chosen by people invited by third parties who have been lucky enough to get tickets in this category at least 4 times in previous editions.

It has its own entrance and grounds outside, at the foot of the track and inside. It’s obligatory to wear a shawl (called card) and hat to go with it, a headdress (witch hazel) and discreet dress if the bought places are located in the area where the royal family sits down.

Royal Ascot: performance in 2020-2022

In order to bet clearly on racing and win extras, it’s crucial to be able to analyze previous results. In case you have decided to pay attention to the competition, and study the latest result of the events. It will help you to understand which jockeys, cloven hoofs and trainers perform best to make predictions and bet in the future.

2020 season review

The 2020 Royal Ascot was held in Berkshire County in June and consisted of classic five days of competitions. That year something impossible occurred — the topic of fashion took back place, and horse races transformed into a crucial aspect.

As many races were set, like Wokingham Stakes (Handicap), Diamond Jubilee Stakes (Group 1), St James’s Palace Stakes (Group 1), Coronation Stakes (Fillies’ Group 1), and so on, let’s count on the results of one of the most popular — Queen Alexandra Stakes (Conditions Race):

Place Cloven hoof Rider (jockey)
1 Who Dares Wins Marquand T.
2 The Grand Visir Kingscote R
3 Mukha Magic Curtis B. A
4 Nate The Great Murphy O.
5 It’s a Free Bee Doyle H.
6 Adrrastos Doyle J.
7 Fun Mac Crowley J.
8 Affluence Crouch H.
9 Monsieur Co Fanning J.


Among TOP jockeys are highlighted:

Jockey Points
John Gosden 6
Aidan O’Brien 4
Roger Varian 4
Alan King 3
Kevin Ryan 2
Charlie Fellowes 2
Clive Cox 2
William Muir 1
Richard Hannon 1
Owen Burrows 1


2021 season review

The Royal Ascot is a noble event, where the Queen’s favorites and the most powerful rivals took part. As a rule, such participants compete on the first day, so let’s meet with the results of day 1 (animal and place achieved are shown).

The Queen Anne 
1 Palace Pier
2 Lope Y Fernandez
3 Sir Busker 
The King’s Stand 
1 Oxted
2 Arecibo
3 Extravagant Kid
4 Battaash
The Coventry (Group 2)
1 Berkshire Shadow 
2 Eldrickjones
3 Vintage Clarets 
4 Masseto
5 Ebro River
The St James’s Palace (Group 1)
1 Poetic Flare
2 Lucky Vega 
3 Battleground
4 Maximal
The Wolferton (Listed)
1 Juan Elcano
2 Patrick Sarsfield
3 Solid Stone
4 Blue Cup
The Ascot (Handicap) (Class 2)
1 Reshoun
2 M C Muldoon
3 Elysian Flame
4 Cape Gentleman
5 Couer de Lion
The Copper Horse (Handicap) (Class 2)
1 Amtiyaz
2 Dubious Affair 
3 Global Storm
4 Arthurian Fable
5 Saldier


2022 season review

The last tournament was marked with excellent results too, to give an instance, many of world-known jockeys and animals took part and showed their best shapes and stats.

Let’s get acquainted with a short summary of outcomes of the main horse racing competitions (here are names of riders and animals with positions placed).

Chesham (Listed)
1 Faisal Road Jack Mitchell
2 Alfred Munnings R. L. Moore
3 The Foxes David Probert
4 Alzahir L. Dettori
5 Crypto Force Rossa Ryan
6 Sunningdale Jim Crowley
8 Pearling Path David Egan
9 Lakota Sioux James Doyle
10 Finn’s Charm J. Fanning
11 Legend Of Xanadu James Doyle
12 Holloway Boy D. Tudhope
13 One World C. T. Keane
14 Pearling Path David Egan
15 Dark Thirty S. M. Levey
Hardwicke (Group 2)
1 Living Legend J. Fanning
2 Mostahdaf Jim Crowley
3 Solid Stone R. Kingscote
4 Layfayette C. T. Keane
5 Hurricane Lane W. Buick
6 Away He Goes S. M. Levey
7 Broome R. L. Moore


All in all, the tournament is highly respected around the globe and the best riders from every country strive to participate in the events set in this heart of Britain. Study the previous outcomes and leaders to be able to bet on correctly.

Royal Ascot 2023 — fixtures to remember

As it is one of the most anticipated racing events, the fixtures of competitions were published in advance. If you are going to bet lucratively, it’s obligatory to schedule when to gamble to find out who performs in a determined race.

Remember, that rivals for any favorite (even the strongest) are of high importance. So here are the fixtures of the 2023 season.

Day 1: 20th of June

Time Event
14:30 The Queen Anne 
15:05 The Coventry 
15:40 The King’s Stand 
16:20 The St James’s Palace 
17:00 The Ascot (Handicap)
17:35 The Wolferton (Listed)
18:10 The Copper Horse (Handicap)


Day 2: 21st of June

Time Event
15:05 The Queen’s Vase
15:40 The Duke of Cambridge 
16:20 The Prince of Wales’s 
17:00 The Royal Hunt Cup (Handicap)
17:35 The Windsor Castle (Listed)
18:10 The Kensington Palace  (Handicap)


Day 3: 22nd of June

Time Event
14:00 The Norfolk 
15:05 The King George V (Handicap)
15:40 The Ribblesdale 
16:15 The Gold Cup 
17:00 The Britannia (Handicap)
17:35 The Hampton Court 
18:10 The Buckingham Palace  (Handicap)


Day 4: 23rd of June

Time Event
14:30 The Albany 
15:05 The Commonwealth Cup 
15:40 The Duke of Edinburgh (Handicap)
16:20 The Coronation 
17:00 The Sandringham (Handicap)
17:35 The Kind Edward VII 
18:10 The Palace of Holyroodhouse (Handicap)


Day 5: 24th of June

Time Event
14:30 The Chesham (Listed)
15:06 The Jersey 
15:41 The Hardwicke 
16:20 The Platinum Jubilee 
17:00 The Wokingham (Handicap)
17:35 The Golden Gates (Handicap)
18:10 The Queen Alexandra (Conditions)


To sum up, the schedule of the 2023 season seems to be incredibly interesting and encouraging. Lots of races and many riders with animals performing gives a huge variety of predictions to be made. Thus there will be a heap of bets offered by betting sites. Just try and enjoy!

TOP riders 2022 to point out

The currently finished 2022 season was full of amazingly beautiful victories. Not the last role in it played highly-respected and prominent world riders, such as:

  • Ryan Moore;
  • Danny Tudhope;
  • William Buick;
  • James McDonald;
  • Frankie Dettori!

Each jockey possesses more than three so-called titles of the tournament. When the rivalry begins, it’s difficult to say who will finish as a leader. So the best tip is to track the performance of every one of them.

Tips to bet on horse racing at Royal Ascot

There are lots of tips for horse racing, but we have collected the crucial ones exactly for you. Follow them step by step and gain benefits.

Seek and analyze stats

Betting on racing is about possibility and knowledge. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to learn everything about gambling. This involves knowing all the terms used as the most in-depth analysis on the subject.

Look for articles in English

Both the United States and Britain are countries where the sport is a tradition. Therefore, you are interested in looking for information in this language, as there are likely to be more stats and tips than in India.

Never rely on emotions

The betting sites offer high and good odds on the discipline, so it’s not that hard to earn a nice sum of money if you make the right prediction. Of course, it depends on how much is invested, but even if the performance is good, don’t worry. Be patient and don’t do anything crazy, especially at the beginning of your path.

Start with simple

You can experiment with different types of bets to see which one works better for you or which one is easier for you. Although fortune may fail you, so you should study the subject to become an expert. The tip is to choose and focus on the strict type of bet from the beginning.

Set the amount of the intermediary stake

When you are starting out, you may want to go small without risking too much, but this usually doesn’t work. Very low odds also mean a very low probability of winning, which leads to wasted time.
How to calculate the cost of a bet?

Well, the trick that usually works is to divide the unit by the probability of your cloven hoof succeeding. For example, if the animal’s odds are five and your odds are 50% or 0.5, the result will be two, less than five.

A lower probability is considered acceptable and the ratio will make a difference. But be careful, this does not mean the victory is always achieved, but that it is earned over time.

Choose reliable bookmakers

To bet correctly, it is important to know how to choose the betting site where you will do it. Today there are different sites with their own characteristics and conditions. They are interested in comparing and seeing which ones offer the best deals. There you will find all the events you can gamble on.

Don’t be in hurry to gamble

Unlike athletic competitions, an animal has no motivation or strategy. Sooner or later the loss of the stake will occur. One of the tips to minimize it is to wait until the last few minutes to gamble. Obviously, the lower the risk, the less attractive the odds will be.

Follow gambling strategies

As you get to know the market, it’s time to explore it little by little and open up more gambling opportunities. After researching the market well, use tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses and see what situations you are best at. So, build your strategies based on performance and then focus on where you are winning.

Have good bankroll management

Similarly to other markets, it’s essential to have good bankroll management here. Money loves to be clearly calculated.

Conclusion: is Royal Ascot worth betting on?

Of course, it is. The tournament is world-famous outside of Britain. It is not surprising that every year thousands of the best athletes on Earth try to get the opportunity to compete in competitions. In addition to its certainty and status, the event is unusual because of its traditions.

The fashion show that can be observed every year in honor of the races is striking to the core. Besides curiosity and originality, through a good line-up, world and local Indian bookmakers offer a good selection of predictions for the events. Make winning predictions just right now. Bet and win!