Horse racing is currently one of the most promising areas of staking around the world. Thanks to the grace and beauty of chargers, such events attract millions of viewers around the globe, which ensures a steady influx of new users and high odds between all popular bookmakers.

Despite the popularity and prevalence, it is not so easy to make a successful wager on charger contests. You need not only to know which jockey to wager on, or which cob will come first, you need to know what type of bet to choose and what event will be the most profitable in staking.

Also, special attention should be paid to choosing a reliable bookmaker that will not only accept the wager but also provide the necessary degree of protection of the bettor’s funds and offer the best selected tournament odds.

In the review, we will try to put together everything you need to know about cob racing staking. We will try to quickly go over the history of mount contests and find out the most important factors influencing the success of wagering on charger contests.

We are on an exciting journey into the world of steed racing, which will help us learn the most useful tips that will help us make profitable and safe wagering on steed racing online!

About Horse Racing Betting

To begin with, let’s plunge a little into the history of the development of equestrian sports, learn about the main stages of its formation, and trace the moment when steed racing began to gain popularity and acquired modern features.

The first evidence of steed contests dates back to the year 500 BC and is associated with the Olympics in Ancient Greece. Even then, racing competitions were held, the purpose of which was to determine which of the riders could bring their stallion to the finish line faster. Even then, the crowd was accepting wager on such races.

Thus, it is generally accepted: cob contests and betting on charger racing as a phenomenon appeared almost simultaneously.

Since then, the format of the races has not changed much. The main provisions of the competition were formed in ancient Greece.

The main types of mount racing are still considered to be the following formats:

  • Race with obstacles;
  • Race in a circle;
  • Royal chase;
  • Long distances;
  • Short distances!

These are the main formats, but don’t let that fool you. Modern tournaments provide hundreds of types of foal contests, which include different elements of the above formats and often invent new ones.
During some time, the Chase format was especially popular among the royal families, which involved chasing prey for many hours, and sometimes days.

In such competitions, it was necessary to have not only first-class skills as a jockey but also as a hunter.

Despite the fact that for a long time cob racing was exclusively a royal sport, in the modern world, a huge number of fans watch tournaments and hundreds of thousands of bettors place wagers online. In the US, foal tournaments are the second most popular sport after baseball. Japan hosts the largest number of cob races each year, reaching 300 cob races.

All these facts testify in favor of staking on such events and testify to their profitability.

Modern Horse Racing Betting

Modern betting platforms provide a huge variety of various tournaments and staking formats. Due to the wide variety, the bettor can place a wager at any time of the year, regardless of the weather and location, as tournaments are held regularly in different time zones.

Let’s take a look at the most popular tournaments attracting the most bettors around the world.

The most popular championships are:

  • Pegasus World Cup – contests have been held annually in America among thoroughbred mounts since 2017, during this time have become the most prestigious races in the world and have one of the largest prize funds in the world, which reaches up to $ 20 million, which ensures constant attention of bookmakers to the event;
  • World Cup in Dubai – Arab countries are known due to their love of mounts, which is reflected in the high level of organization of the competition, which brings together first-class jockeys and thoroughbreds from around the world, who compete to receive a solid prize fund that can reach more than 10 million dollars ;
  • The Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest races, which has been held since 1875 and during this time has become one of the most prestigious championships in the world, to participate in it you need to have impeccable performance and reputation, over 2000 meters, athletes compete to get a prize fund of about three million dollars;
  • Royal Ascot is a traditional British annual event, traditionally opened by the Queen, gathers hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world, and lasts 25 days, which provides great betting enthusiasts opportunities;
  • The Arc de Triomphe is a famous European event that has been held annually since 1920 and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators who watch which of the jockeys overcome the distance of 2400 meters faster and receive a prize fund of about 6 million dollars!

We have provided a list of the TOP 5 global events that are held annually and are the most popular among bettors. In addition to the tournaments listed above, there are thousands of championships constantly appearing on the lists of modern bookmakers.

That is why it is very important to constantly receive fresh reliable information about current tournaments and make your predictions in accordance with this information.

If you are new to mount contests betting, then choose one of the five events listed above, as analysts note: these events are characterized by the highest profit and the least risk of staking, which is ideal for beginners.

How to Analyze Horse Racing Information?

Many modern sites offer a huge amount of constantly updated information about top jockeys and chargers. Facts that are incomprehensible to beginners can become very useful in the hands of experienced players.

Let’s learn how to correctly analyze the available information, which could help us make more successful predictions and earn more extra cash online!

Typically, an analytical summary of upcoming races includes the following information:

  1. Jockey performance;
  2. The success of the foals;
  3. Trainer stats!

It is these three factors mostly affecting the success of ventures.

We will look at how to determine the best jockey, choose the most reliable mount, and determine the most successful trainer.

First of all, we recommend you do not place wagers based on your personal preferences, but on cold calculation.

Let’s find out how to properly analyze information about tournament participants.

How to Choose the Most Successful Jockey?

Jockeys are the key participants in horse tournaments. Many beginners mistakenly believe that the mare plays a decisive role and that the performance of the foals plays a decisive role. It is not. And many years of careful analysis show that the same foal behaves completely differently under the guidance of different athletes.

Jockeys undergo many years of training, which helps them find a common language with the animal and establish a certain connection, which sometimes plays a decisive role in the outcome of the championship. In addition, the jockey learns special controlling horse techniques, depending on the format of the competition.

For long runs, the jockey could usually lose weight to avoid overburdening the horse and try not to disturb the animal and stimulate it evenly over the entire distance in an effort to use the animal’s energy rationally.

If the jockey has to participate in races with obstacles, then he learns special tricks making the cob obey the rider and perform certain tricks allowing you to overcome the racing distance most efficiently.

To select the most suitable athlete to place a bet, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • weight of the athlete;
  • his education;
  • an experience;
  • the number of chargers he has successfully managed;
  • variety of formats;
  • age;
  • competition frequency!

Each of these factors can be decisive. Even the most experienced jockey with insufficient preparation or insufficient training with a horse can fail the season. And an inexperienced athlete, having established a special connection with an animal and having thrown off weight, can show outstanding results on the hippodrome.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Horse for Betting?

The most difficult part of the analysis is choosing the right foal. Unlike riders, the nature of the charger often remains a mystery. That is why betting on mount tournaments is very risky, but also profitable.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the pedigree of the mount. If the parents were sports chargers showing excellent results, then their foal can be active and strong and could be able to show good results on the hippodrome.

It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the training schedule and nutrition of the stallion. High-quality nutrition and regular provision with the necessary vitamins directly affect the formation of a strong frame and joints, which saves the animal from injury and allows you to achieve better results on the track.

A separate important factor influencing the performance of the foal is the trainer.

The trainer is the person responsible for training the foal and developing its sports skills. It is he who spends the overwhelming amount of time with the mare. Therefore, if you want to know about the character of a mount, learn about the character of its trainer.

There are cases when the personal strength of the character of the trainer was transferred to the mare and allowed it to show excellent results on the track.

Let’s recap and look at the main factors affecting a mount’s performance:

  • trainer and his training methodology;
  • genetic inheritance;
  • nutrition and necessary nutritional supplements;
  • age;
  • character;
  • mental connection with the jockey;
  • trauma;
  • results of past competitions!

By paying attention to the above factors, you can surely be able to choose one of the most suitable prediction mares, which could make your predictions more successful and profitable.

Such information is posted on the websites of bookmakers in special information and analytical sections.


Best Horse Racing Betting Strategies

After we have learned how to choose who to wager on, we need to understand how to make successful predictions and what strategies to choose. Let’s learn about what strategies exist and when they are applied.

Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, which we could pay attention to and try to figure out when and under what conditions one or another tactic should be used.

Several approaches can be applied at the same time if the chosen event format allows it.

Remember: there is no universal strategy providing a constant flow of money. Each wager must go through a thorough process of analysis and preparation in order to make money.

The most popular types of charger contests betting are:

  • Win bet – a prediction on a certain mount and jockey, which could be successful if they cross the finish line first of all participants in the contest;
  • Each-way bet – the format provides the selected participant will take a prize or come first, such a bet doubles the amount necessary for the prediction, since you wager both on a prize and on winning;
  • Straight forecast – an exact kind of forecast, assuming you predict the two selected cobs will come in a given order;
  • Reverse forecast – a less accurate forecast on two participants in the contest, assuming you guess which two cobs will come to the first two prizes, regardless of the order of their finish;
  • Tricast – the same as the previous bet, but it is made simultaneously on three participants in the contest;
  • Head-to-head – as part of the prediction, you are asked to predict the success of one mare compared to another, regardless of their place in the overall standings!

This list of bets is quite enough to make money on such online championships. Each of them is easy to learn, and all the necessary information is available on the websites of bookmakers.

Now you need to figure out a strategy helping you rationally and consistently use the selected types of wagers.

Handicap Betting

The most favorite among many bettors staking strategy is handicap wagering .

The essence of such tactics is as follows: many mounts are distinguished by their outstanding natural strength, which significantly distinguishes them from other chargers. To do this, they attach a special additional weight, which is designed to equalize the chances with the rest of the participants.

The essence of the strategy is that bets on such events become more profitable, since all mounts have approximately equal chances to win, but not equal odds! Thus the charger with the highest odds comes first with the same probability as the one with the lowest.

As you might guess, the tactic is very simple: bet on the horse with the highest odds and wait for it to win, which could bring a significant profit if successful!

Triple Strategy

This strategy is the simplest and most reliable, and is called the lazy strategy because it does not require much analysis of events.

All you have to do is select three different tournaments and wager on the first contest of each competition. For wagers, it is better to choose the favorite of the contest, the main condition is the coefficient, which must be at least 2.00.

Thus, even if one of the ventures is successful, you will return the money spent, and with two, you can double or even triple the initial deposit.

It is better to use the first days of the championships, since such races always have certain favorites who are full of energy and have not had time to spend their energy.

Dutching Strategy

Another popular tactic is popular among players. According to legend, it was once invented by accountant Dutchy Schultz, who was in the service of the famous mafia Al Capone.

The essence of the tactic is as follows: the player makes two ventures within the same race to win two different mounts. The optimal odds on one cob is 4.00 and on the other 4.50. Thus, for any of the two outcomes, we can be in a small plus.

There is a more complex tactic involving wagering on more participants at the same time, but this requires careful analysis and mathematical calculation.

This is a good type of wager for those who like to always win and are not looking for one-time big wins. With this strategy, you can secure a small but stable income.

Follow the Money Strategy

Another popular tactic involves closely monitoring the odds of top participants and outsiders.

It is recommended to start watching the movement of odds in a certain tournament in the morning. You need to find outsiders who receive regular ventures and wait for the moment when staking on the favorite of the race stops. And it is at this moment to venture on the most successful outsider. Typically, these ventures are highly profitable.

This is due to the fact: it is difficult to constantly maintain a high pace and sooner or later they lose ground, which allows the top outsider to enter the top three.

The recommended venture type in this tactic is Each Way.

TOP Tips

In this section, we decided to tell you about those tips which are not directly related to tournaments, odds, or jockeys, but nevertheless significantly affect the success of your predictions.

Beginners strive to learn as much as possible about the types of ventures and the most successful athletes and completely forget about the most important principles of predicting, which are key factors affecting the safety and profitability of the entire event.

So let’s take a look at the most important tips.

No Emotional Betting

Each of your predictions should be based on facts and analytics, not emotions and personal preferences. This is the most common mistake newbies make. After watching a couple of races online, they fall in love with a certain athlete or horse. Especially if the ventures on them brought them the first winnings.

They lose touch with reality and in all subsequent events, they venture on the same participants, which ensures them a quick loss of all funds and disappointment in gambling.

To prevent this from happening, you need to discard emotions in the last place. Your actions should be guided by a sober calculation. If you draw conclusions based on hard facts, then most likely your prediction could be correct and could bring you solid dividends.

Choose Bookmaker Wisely

The most basic task a beginner faces is to find a reliable broker allowing you to bet on the competitions of interest. On the Internet, a beginner is lured by a huge number of scammers who copy the design of reliable brands in order to deceive gullible customers.

Pay attention to the following important features:

  • modern original site;
  • reliable license;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • generous bonuses;
  • live betting;
  • section with analytics;
  • a wide range of available payment systems;
  • variety of rates;
  • a wide range of events;
  • lots of reviews!

A thorough examination of the selected company on the above points will allow you to choose a reliable bookmaker allowing you to place safe and profitable ventures online.

A modern site will allow you to conveniently and quickly make predictions. A special advantage will be the Live staking section, which will allow you to watch the tournament and place ventures at the same time.

Also, many bettors advice finding a section with sports analytics, which contains all the necessary information about the participants in the competition and forecasts of professionals.
Customer support is also a necessary moment helping you instantly resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.

Generous bonuses will help you quickly multiply your initial deposit, you should remember the bonus funds are often subject to an additional venture.

A convenient multi-platform mobile application allows you to always stay in touch with the broker and place ventures from anywhere in the world at any time.

Discover the Amazing World of Horse Racing and Earn!

Betting on horse racing is now especially popular and brings solid dividends. All you need is to find a reliable bookmaker and find a reliable source of further analysis information.

Such championships are not only a way to earn money, but also a great pastime allowing you to enjoy the beauty and grace!